Author: Danita

Denise, one of my long-term clients, has had tremendous success installing a strong sales management process and leadership development strategies. Her business grew with leaps and bounds before the Covid-19 chaos. And, the sales team managed the economic disruption well during the pandemic. Last week she called – concerned and frustrated. She let out a long sigh, saying, “Danita, if I never hear the words Covid-19, social distancing, masks, and vaccines again, it would be too soon! It’s work, real work, to keep the sales team motivated during these crazy times. Or, as I call it, the Fear Pandemic.” The Fear Pandemic?

How are you paying attention to the impact of the economic, market, and political disruption and chaos on the leadership development of your teams? There are a host of unpredictable things to be wary of in our culture. However, I believe that the biggest pandemic many of us are facing, is the Fear Pandemic. The Fear Pandemic?