Author: Linda Dippenaar

“I don’t have time for fluff! I need a new sales growth strategy for my business!” I’m talking to Graham, the owner of a software development company. I hear the panic in his voice. “It’s more difficult than ever to get new business. Prospects are hesitant to spend money. The economy seems unpredictable.” I ask a few more questions and listen to his concerns. Then, I talk about “trust” and “making a positive impact.” Over Zoom, I see him frown. That’s when he says, “I don’t have time for fluff!” As a sales leader, do you echo Graham’s sentiments?

I love this time of the year! Celebrating Thanksgiving with family, including grandchildren. Anticipating the familiar sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas… I’m also celebrating the 4th anniversary of Millennials Matter, Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leaders. How about you, what are you celebrating now? What are your favorite holiday traditions?

In a world of accelerating change and disruption, (and where unprecedented unpredictability is an everyday reality), how might Paradoxical Leadership Development positively impact your growth goals? How might these paradoxical tips equip others to tackle fear, and become more productive and resilient? You may be asking, “What on earth is Paradoxical Leadership Development?” It’s not a term that we hear often, is it? When I Googled “paradox,” I found this definition...