Managing Millennials

It’s anniversary time and I’m celebrating! August 16th 2018 was an eventful day. I had the honor to share a stage with eight thought leaders at the TEDx Bismarck event. All the hours of rehearsing my first ever TEDx talk – and the sleepless nights, worrying that I might accidentally step off the red circle, or go over my time allotment by 7 seconds – was worth it. Why was it so important to me?

Every business must have hunters  and BDRs to grow their business.  Companies that lack this skills set fall short in converting leads into sales revenue results.What is your strategy to attract, hire, and retain hunters and BDR's who will get the job done, instead of complaining about the competition, your price, and the marketing team?

While I was searching for a document on my computer last week, I came across this article about hiring hunters that will keep your business on a growth track. I realized that it was as relevant today as it was when I originally wrote it – April 17, 2007!What are you doing to attract the hunters that will ensure sustainable business growth in any economic climate?