Sales Leadership

I often hear business owners talk about restructuring their businesses as soon as they experience a lack of sales growth. Will restructuring solve all their problems?In my experience, you will get the best results from a sales force restructuring process when you do it as a planned strategic move, rather than as an emergency plan when things have already started to go wrong.

Are your competitors taking market share, introducing innovative products and services, growing margins, and expanding revenues…while you’re struggling?It is important to always ask, “What steps might I take to ensure I have the right people in the right seats on the right buses?”Might this be the right time to restructure your sales environment to improve your sales results?

The best marketing campaigns that generate leads need proper sales follow-up by hunters and BRSs who are hungry for new business. My new book, Millennial Sales Hiring: Seven Proven Steps to Recruit, Hire, and Fast Track Your Millennial Sales Teams, just released on Amazon has deeper insights into this special breed of salespeople.What is your strategy to attract, hire, and retain hunters that can and will get the sales job done?