Sales Management

Business and Sales Leaders around the globe are asking questions like these:
  • How in the world are we going to hit our 2020 numbers – this is a big hit?
  • What about 2021 – what do we need to be doing now to ensure we survive?
Because I hear these concerns every day, I’m excited to release my e-book, Millennial Sales Coaching: 9 Tips to Help Coach Your Salespeople Through Crisis, to Recovery. I’d love for you to have a copy for free! Click here to receive your e-book right away! E-Book Gifts.

This is hard for business leaders to believe as they chart their sales strategy - in the world of video conferencing, A.I., and the latest-and-greatest social media platform, one of the best tools for selling right now is the phone. Yes, the phone! And, I agree - engaging prospects in the opening call can be a challenge, even for the best sales professionals in the best of times. My colleague, Art Sobczak, is renowned for teaching sales professionals how to eliminate the fear, failure, and rejection so they can sell more by phone – without sounding like some cheesy salesperson.

"What are the most effective sales management performance strategies for this chaotic, uncertain times?" Hunter and I hear this question every day from CEOs, presidents, and owners committed to maximizing their sales investment...even now. Historically, over  70 of sales leaders and sales managers report frustration in managing a millennial sales team.  And now, many of those leaders are doing it remotely!  Yikes!  What now? Yes, managing a virtual Millennial sales staff can be challenging. But here’s good news…