Sales Performance

“I want my Millennial salespeople checked in…both physically and mentally. And to stay checked in. No matter what they are up against. These are difficult times for every leader – and especially for sales. I need the salespeople to listen strategically to prospects and clients. I want them to activate their creative energy and insights, searching for new ways to serve and new products to develop." (Peter, President of an engineering firm.)

This is hard for business leaders to believe - in the world of video conferencing, A.I., and the latest-and-greatest social media platform, one of the best tools for selling right now is the phone.Yes, the phone!And, I agree - engaging prospects in the opening call can be a challenge, even for the best sales professionals in the best of times.My colleague, Art Sobczak, is renowned for teaching sales professionals how to eliminate the fear, failure, and rejection so they can sell more by phone – without sounding like some cheesy salesperson.

How to Right-Size Your Sales Team to Maximize Recovery, Hunter Byington's recent article, was a hit.  Hunter and I are working together with a number of clients who are committed to raising the bar on their sales and sales management game in order to recover well in 2020. Thus, I invited Hunter to share some additional insights that I believe will be helpful for you as you chart your own recovery effort.“What might I do to replace lost sales, market share, and revenue after this disastrous second quarter?”   This is a question every future-focused business leader is asking right now.

For the last 7 weeks, we've been quarantining with our oldest daughter, Brittany, her husband, Brady, (both engineers from MN who've been working remotely from North Dakota, since pre-schools were closed) and their 3 pre-school children. So, in addition to all the other initiatives, I've been a full-time gramma.:-)Our youngest granddaughter, Joanna, is fascinated with grown-up shoes. It seems to be a great object-lesson for all of us to SMART SIZE during this time of recovery, doesn't it! Thanks, Hunter, for a timely article.The next 90 days are critical, aren’t they?CEOs, presidents and business owners know that these next 90 days are critical for getting the sales team focused and on pace. They're worried about what will happen to the business if they make the wrong decisions about where and how to focus the sales team?