Sales Strategy

"I either grow revenues, or I’m gone." Darin needs an innovative plan for fixing a  sales strategy that works during the disruption he and the sales team were facing.  He calls late on a Friday afternoon… "I need some innovative sales strategy ideas – I’m hoping you can help. We were having a difficult time increasing revenues prior to COVID. Last year made everything even tougher. "I’m the president, and the owners are expecting to see the business grow. And...I haven’t been able to make it happen…for 5 years. Their patience has run out - even with COVID. They’re frustrated. Now, I’m facing an ultimatum! I either grow revenues, or I’m gone.”

We're facilitating a series of exclusive Roundtable Discussions and Strategy Workshops, for Presidents, Business Owners, and CEOs trying to push forward in spite of these difficult times. In these roundtable workshops, we discuss how to apply the proven Sales Growth strategies that we have implemented with hundreds of clients including Experian, Siemens, Lawter Inks, The Flint Group, Skyline Exhibits across a wide range of business sectors over the past 28 years.

Who should attend this workshop? 

It was a powerful a-ha moment. I meet Carl at our CEO Roundtable, The Sales Fight of Your Business Life. We’re discussing the biggest sales growth challenges CEOs, Presidents, and business owners are dealing with in these unprecedented times. Carl sounds almost panicky, saying, “It feels as if I’m traveling in unknown sales territory and my GPS isn’t working!” Isn’t that descriptive of what many of us feel like as we’re coming out of Covid Craziness? What are the biggest challenges you’re facing with your sales team?

As we discuss Sales Strategy, it's important that we talk about Leadership.  Thank you to Ron Karr, author of The Velocity Mindset® for sharing this great article and for doing all the work to bring this sales leadership resource to fruition! When you hear the word leadership, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Usually, it’s the qualities of a good leader i.e., integrity, good communication skills, managerial competence. These are all good things, but they mainly describe the how of leadership—its features. When it comes to the what, real leadership is all about making other people successful beyond their wildest dreams.