Spiritual Leadership

Denise, one of my long-term clients, has had tremendous success installing a strong sales management process and leadership development strategies. Her business grew with leaps and bounds before the Covid-19 chaos. And, the sales team managed the economic disruption well during the pandemic. Last week she called – concerned and frustrated. She let out a long sigh, saying, “Danita, if I never hear the words Covid-19, social distancing, masks, and vaccines again, it would be too soon! It’s work, real work, to keep the sales team motivated during these crazy times. Or, as I call it, the Fear Pandemic.” The Fear Pandemic?

Most Christians think that to truly make a difference for the Kingdom of God; they need to quit their jobs and go into full-time ministry with a church. I should know; I believed it too! In fact, I was in my forties before I began to realize that my work could have an impact for God's glory and that it was possible to walk in eternal significance while employed in the marketplace.

I believe we are living in tumultuous times. We are living in a new era. That’s why our leadership development initiatives are more important than ever. Jim and Martha Brangenberg’s book, SheWorks4Him: Embrace Your Calling as a Christian Woman at Work, is a timely resource. I’m honored to contribute a chapter, along with an esteemed group of Christian working women, who had all been guests on the iWork4Him radio show.