Spiritual Leadership

With 79% of Millennials seeking a coach or mentor, and 91% aspiring to leader, they have a series of pressing questions on their mind when they interact with you:
  • Can I trust you as a leader?
  • Are you firmly grounded in who you are and your purpose in life?
  • Are you a person of integrity? Do you stick to your values and virtues, even under pressure?
thus, here are my questions for you, the leader:
  • Do you have a vision statement?
  • How about a values statement?
  • Have you ever thought of writing a virtues statement?

In creating a personal vision and values statement to strengthen our own sales strategy and leadership legacy, I also think of virtues Virtues help us navigate the "rules of the road." As leaders, we aspire to be a person of trust that can positively influence the next generation of leaders. But, is virtues an outdated concept in the modern "roads" in our current culture?

A Google search to learn more about writing a vision statement left me confused. The process was supposed to provide clarity for moving forward. Instead, I felt cross-eyes. There are just so many different ideas. And really – what is the difference between a vision, mission and purpose statement?!? Some experts define each of these in the same way. Others will say exactly the opposite! What kind of work have you done to create your personal vision statement? Does it energize you? Is it providing the clarity you need to keep moving forward?

Do you foresee selling your business in the next 3 to 5 years? Have you considered what you might need to do to maximize the value of your business? The most recent stat I read was that 75% of business owners didn't reach their financial goals at the sale of their business? Are you nervous that you're going to be one of those statistics?