How to Achieve Predictable, Sustainable Sales Growth: Videos

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How to Achieve Predictable, Sustainable Sales Growth: Videos

2020 is here!  It’s time to create a sales process that drives new business and increases your sales revenues and margins.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve shared videos to get you started on creating a sales growth culture that will drive new business and increase your sales revenues and margins.

What strategies are you considering to grow your business and tap into new markets?

Here’s a short recap of the steps you can take to achieve predictable, sustainable sales growth. You can click on each of the titles to review the full posts:

1 – How Capable are Your Sales People?

Get accurate and timely insights into your sales systems, processes, staff and skills to determine what’s really going on and how you can fix what’s not working.

2 – How to Implement a Strategic Sales Management Process

Without insight, your sales managers won’t know how to make critical course corrections. A series of strategic questions can help them gain the clarity and confidence they need to chart a course to meet and exceed your sales targets.

3 – How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Reap the Benefits

A streamlined and optimized sales process is beneficial on many levels. A four-step process shortened Hank’s sales cycle from 18 to 6 months!  Something he thought would be impossible to do.

4 – The Secret to Fixing the Sales Closing Problem 

A serious challenge, like poor closing skills, can’t be fixed with a magic pill. A thorough examination of sales systems, processes, skills, and staff is critical to ensure you’re fixing the right problem to grow your sales.

I hope these videos have inspired you to tackle your sales challenges.  Start creating the sales growth culture that will grow your business and assist you to tap into new markets today.

If you need guidance in any of these areas, I have more resources to share.

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