How To Build Accountability In Your Millennial When Markets Crash And The Pandemic Is Upon Us (Video Also)

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How To Build Accountability In Your Millennial When Markets Crash And The Pandemic Is Upon Us (Video Also)

In the midst of a pandemic, with unpredictable markets and fear raging on social media 24/7, how do you nurture personal responsibility and build a culture of accountability in your Millennial salespeople?

It seems impossible, doesn’t it?

Yet, that’s what we are called to do as sales leaders.

Even though all sports have been canceled or postponed for the time, we all know that top athletes experience setbacks and failures during their careers. How do they handle these unpredictable events?  And, what can we learn from them, as corporate sales and leadership athletes?

I see two themes emerge as they give a variety of explanations during the post-performance interview. One group blames a whole host of external factors for their poor results.  The other group accepts personal responsibility. They identify what went amiss… then talk about their lessons learned.

With the real threats of coronavirus, crashing markets, businesses and schools being closed, your Millennial salespeople need you more than ever to encourage personal responsibility and to challenge them to stop using chaotic events as an excuse for lax behaviors.

In the midst of this unprecedented time in history, it’s an important time to ask yourself, “How might I raise the bar and develop a strong culture of accountability in my millennial salespeople, even when facing unstable and chaotic conditions?”

Why is it critical to Build an Accountability Culture?

A lack of accountability is as bad as a growing virus – it saps the growth potential of your millennial salespeople, and your company. In times of turmoil and real threats, accountable people empower themselves with knowledge and focus on finding solutions, instead of believing fake news and going into victim mode.

To innovate in the face of daunting challenges, your millennial salespeople need to take personal responsibility, to build their capacity to find creative solutions. ~ Danita Bye Click To Tweet

The current global challenges are an action call for leaders to raise the bar. Are you ready to learn how to transform blame into accountability; convert excuses into empowerment; and leverage progress into performance?

In our Sales Growth Webinar Series, my co-host, Hunter Byington, and I will be tackling this topic. We will identify the components that are needed to grow in a shrinking marketplace – strategies to help your corporate sales athlete succeed. Plus, we will address:

  • How to coach to maximize ROI and value.
  • Where to train to get your salespeople confident having deep business discussions, vs. just product spiels.

You can also watch my video on this topic below:

Each attendee will get a FREE eBook, Millennial Sales Accountability: 3 Steps to help your Next-Gen Salesperson Start Getting Traction.

Stay tuned. In the near future, I’ll also share some bonus resources with you.

The Millennial Sales Growth Webinar
Check out The Sales Growth Webinar Series where my co-host, Hunter Byington, and I discuss how to motivate, coach, and raise the performance bar for the Next-Gen Leaders on your teams. Get all the details here.

Leadership Lesson: Don’t allow the unpredictability of global turmoil to stall your efforts to build an accountability culture. 

Leadership Question: During these challenging times, what is your strategy to make accountability a core value of your business?

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