How to Increase Sales by Coaching your Millennial Sales Leaders to take Accountability

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How to Increase Sales by Coaching your Millennial Sales Leaders to take Accountability

Have you had enough of the excuses, blame-games and victim mode of your emerging salespeople?

Accountability. For some, the word means nothing more than finding some external source to blame for their lack of performance. However, there’s no way your millennial sales leader will be productive when they aren’t taking personal responsibility for their actions and behaviors.

“Our leadership legacy is enhanced when we guide young leaders to accept accountability.”~ Danita Bye, Millennials Matter

Looking for some management tips to promote personal responsibility in your up-and-coming sales leader? Check out my new eBook, Millennial Sales Accountability, it has fresh ideas about how to ratchet up accountability – and sales energy – in each of your Millennial team members.

How much is excuse-making affecting your bottom line? Download your copy of Millennial Sales Accountability here.

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Leadership Lesson:  Accountable sales leaders take responsibility for their actions. They don’t shift blame to external factors.

Leadership Question: What steps are you taking to boost accountability among your emerging sales superstars?


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