Top Coaching Strategies for Millennial Sales Leaders

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Top Coaching Strategies for Millennial Sales Leaders

My September 2018 Newsletter is out!  It’s packed with insights for Business and Sales Leaders who need guidance in getting their Millennial Sales Leaders on track to grow their businesses. However, this Newsletter is not just about sales, there’s valuable information for any leader, irrespective of your field of reference.

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I am highlighting some of the articles that generated the most discussion. However, there are more tools and tips available in the September Newsletter that you can access HERE.

Two Successful Coaching Strategies For Sales Leaders

Article featured in Forbes
Danita Bye, M.A., Contributor

Early in my career as the national sales manager of a medical device startup, I focused on building a sales team with a strong will to sell. But I wanted even more.






How to Ensure you Hire Millennial Salespeople that Will Grow your Business

Many of the business owners and sales leaders I talk to are panicking about how to hire and retain great Millennial sales talent and get them up to speed quickly.

Are you hiring Millennial salespeople who have the capacity to grow your business? Join me for this webinar.





Tips to Spotlight Millennial Leadership Talents, Core Competencies & Passions

My phone rings. It’s Sarah. I sensed that she’s very upset. She desperately wanted the promotion, but she failed the interview. So, we set up a coffee time.

At my recent TedX Talk, I shared Sarah’s story to inspire the audience to take the time to help emerging leaders to discover their Life’s Core Purpose.



What clients are saying about Millennials Matter

Millennials Matter is a timely, provocative resource to help any manager play offense in this high potential generational transition. God has seeded this generation with eternal potential. Will you unleash it?”

~ Mike Sharrow, President and CEO, The C12 Group, LLC


Strategies to Practice Proactive Self-Care when you’re Desperate

Ever feel like you’re backed into a corner? Discouraged? Not certain where to turn?

As leaders, we end up there periodically. It’s not easy to prevent the negativity from spreading – to our family, colleagues, and even those who look up to us for leadership guidance



Millennials Matter Movement: The Journey Continues

And so the Millennials Matter Movement continues to grow!

When we return from our motorcycle tour, there are more interviews and speaking engagements waiting. All the help and continued support are helping to make Millennials Matter a great success. Here are some of the people I would like to thank:




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