Launching Millennial Leadership Webinar Series

Launching Millennial Leadership Webinar Series

Brandon Schaefer, founder and CEO of Five Capitals Coaching and Consulting, and I, co-hosted an introduction to our upcoming webinar series on Millennial leadership on June 15th. Get full details here.

Business owners, presidents of startups to non-profits, as well as parents &grandparents all have a common goal. We are looking for insights on how to build a strong leadership culture where Next Gen leaders thrive. They are our future – we recognize that we need to stop complaining about them & start coaching, mentoring and discipling them.

If you were unable to join us for this free webinar, here’s a link to YOUTUBE where you can watch the video. Plus, here’s a summary of some of the areas we outlined.

Leadership Challenge

Millennials will comprise the majority of the workforce by 2025. On the other side of the spectrum, we have Baby Boomers retiring at a rapid and accelerated rate. There’s a shift from a knowledge culture to a technology culture. Many leaders are panicking about how to get Millennials up to speed. Not only do leaders see a knowledge gap, they are concerned about the leadership capacity of their up-and-coming leaders.

“If we were to believe everything we read in the media, all Millennials are entitled, narcissistic, and still living in their parents’ basement. I would suggest that you and I know many emerging leaders who break that paradigm.” ~ Danita Bye

In my research for Millennials Matter, over 300 leaders responded to our Millennial Survey. 60 percent of them actually raised their hands and said, “Yes, I do have frustrations about my Millennial workforce.”

The concerns are in three areas: character, collaboration, and confidence.

On Character:

Survey participants expressed concerns about a seeming lack of grit and determination to tackle difficult projects, leaving management and leadership to pick up the slack. They found that a large portion of their Millennial leaders and salespeople chose to blame anyone and everything for a lack of results vs. taking personal responsibility. In effect, they are sabotaging their ability to leverage their own gifts and talents, creating a lose-lose. The leader loses the fresh insights the Next Gen leader brings to the table, while the Millennial loses the ability to stretch and grow their talents.

Brandon sees the same trends in his work with business leaders. He often hears this question, “You know, Millennials almost seem aloof. They’re so focused on work-life balance and wanting to have their life outside of work. How do we get them to buy in?”

“When Millennials aren’t engaged at work, it seems that they are just putting in the hours doing what they can so that they can leave. Business leaders see this as a character flaw in their work ethic.” ~ Brandon Schaeffer

On Confidence:

Fifty three percent of the leaders in our Millennial Survey said that the “Millennial know-it-all attitude” was a frustration to them. On the one hand, they often see over-confident Millennials become flustered when they reach an obstacle. As one participant commented, “They get like Jello when dealing with a surprise, or something they couldn’t readily find an answer to on Youtube or Google.”

On Collaboration:

A number of my colleagues say this generation is great at collaboration. Yes, when it comes to using online tools and when we agree with each other, they do well. But, business leaders are seeing that when there is conflict or confrontation of some sort, the collaboration flies out the window.

“When we have a difficult situation or a difficult person or a challenging topic or multi-generational communication, they’re seeing breakdown.” ~ Danita Bye

Leaders are frustrated and concerned:

Leaders feel like they are doing the right things. Competitive pay, training and helping their emerging leader to progress within the organization. They are investing time, money, energy, and effort, and yet, their Millennials casually inform them, “Hey, thanks for everything, but I’m moving to Florida with my buddies.”

Brandon says the business leaders he works with are asking, “How do I get this younger generation of leaders to stick around?”

What are the incentives you need to offer? It appears that what you’re doing isn’t working. Some of our clients complain that even the very promising leaders don’t stay with their companies longer than six to 18 months.”

“These leaders want to know what they’re doing wrong, because losing promising Millennials all the time has a huge impact on their bottom line.” ~ Danita Bye

If you are one of those leaders, desperate for solutions for your leadership challenge, I invite you to join our 6-Week Millennial Leadership Webinar Series.

We will equip you with practical rubber-meets-the-road tips, tools, and talk tracks to assist you as you nurture, build, and develop your next-gen leaders.


  • 2nd Friday of each month @ 10:00 am CDT
  • Investment: $499.00


Discussion Topics will include:


Discuss how essential “integrity” is in the marketplace. What can be gained when one has it as well as what’s lost when you don’t.


The first person one must lead is themselves. This is easier said than done. Learn the best practices needed to thrive over the long term.


Busyness is the enemy of productivity. One must work hard to ensure productivity is focused so that goals are being met and results are being produced.


How do we go above and beyond? What does it take to keep going even when we want to quit? Understand the keys to perseverance in an “everyone gets a medal” world.


The question everyone is asking is “Who can I trust?” Yes, relationship capital is the new currency. We’ll share how to get it and grow it with your most important relationships.


With so many priorities and demands, are you prioritizing well? Great companies are Built to thrive, we’ll walk you through the essentials needed to win both at work and at home.


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