Best Book on Millennials: Proven Strategies to Build your Next-Gen Sales Leaders

Best Book on Millennials: Proven Strategies to Build your Next-Gen Sales Leaders

How satisfied are you with the performance of the Millennial sales leaders on your team? The fake news about Millennials is brutal. It paints all of them, yes, all 83 million, as narcissistic, entitled, lazy, self-absorbed, and disloyal….and the list expands on a daily basis. But, is it true?

No – as experienced sales leaders, we understand that each salesperson comes to the team with a unique Sales DNA.

Yet, many sales leaders are concerned about the Millennials on their teams and in their businesses. We hear about it every day. There are growth target to meet, but –

  • the pipeline is weak,
  • closings are delayed,
  • excuse-making is rampant, and
  • deals are lost to competitive pressure.

It seems that millennial salespeople lack the necessary determination and skills to succeed and drive sales results.

We conducted a survey of more than 300 business leaders about their working experience with Millennials. Of these leaders, 60% voiced frustrations with leading and managing Millennials. They asked for help in tapping the potential of this generation of salespeople and leaders. One business owner said, “I’m tired of complaining about the Millennials on my team. I need some strategies to coach improved performance. Help!”

Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader, addresses this leadership angst head-on. I gained valuable knowledge and experience from working in Fortune 100 companies as well as high-growth start-ups. This coupled with my work on the Forbes Council and as a Harvard MBA Sales Coach, ensure that this resource provides real-world solutions. It’s a lifeline for business and sales leaders who feel there’s no hope for their future sales superstars.

Millennials Matter is a practical, rubber-meets-the-road handbook and sales leadership guidebook. It’s filled with practical tips, tools and talk tracks. Millennials can become one of your greatest assets to grow your business. Filled with personal stories, Millennials Matter aims to stimulate reflection on your own years of sales leadership development. You’ll be challenged to be intentional in building, affirming and encouraging your emerging sales leaders.

Here’s the real news – intentional and strategically focused sales coaching isn’t merely another tedious task to tick of our ToDo lists. Sales managers who devote at least 50% of their time to coaching, have salespeople whose sales percentile score is 28% higher than those managers who devoted little to no time coaching. 

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In Millennials Matter, you’ll learn to:

  • Leverage Millennials’ skills set to grow your business.
  • Nurture a stronger “Will to Sell” to increase that fire-in-the-belly performance.
  • Get practical coaching tips to strengthen Sales DNA.
  • Create win-win scenarios with two-way mentoring.
  • Set the stage for sales growth.
  • Create an alignment of personal and professional goals.

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