Best Books On Millennials: Business Owners

Best Books On Millennials: Business Owners

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring per day, we need to muster all our resources to build the Millennial Leaders into strong, high-character leaders now. Millennials will be assuming leadership roles and responsibilities in the enterprise you’ve put your heart and soul into. It’s time for leaders to stop complaining about Millennials and start coaching and mentoring them.

What is your strategy to mentor and coach your millennial leader? What resources do you have?

There are a number of books available to help you in your endeavors. I have received, and continue to receive such great feedback on my book Millennials Matter, that I humbly believe it will be one of your best resources available. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, here are some of the reviews by business owners on Amazon:

Tapping into the Next Generation of Leaders by Paula Norbom 

Danita Bye, in her book, Millennials Matter, provides practical tips, tools, talking points and short stories to help us tap into the power of Millennials at work. This is an easy to read book with insights from Millennials themselves, business leaders and countless hours of research. “Find the strengths in others. It creates positive energy and builds momentum.” – Quote from Millennials Matter. 

Millennials DO Matter and they can be a huge asset to your organization, they take time, but are worth it. Here is how…by Michael Wolbrink 

This is an excellent book focused on helping communication flow from both ends of the equation. Understanding differing mindsets has always been the key to developing organizational communications and building strong teams. Danita has hit the nail on the head with this text. I strongly recommend it for anyone that has not found effective ways to work with others.

This is Great Advice and Should be Heeded – Stephen Wardleworth 

Current leaders sharing past failures, recoveries and successes with our younger emerging leaders is critical in their knowledge building but also grows empathy with the leadership. Empathy is critical as building trust and a sound relationship.I applaud Danita for creating this most informative guide with real-life experiences in her personal growth, together with insightful input from our future business leaders. 

Don’t Lose Your Entire Life’s Work Because You Can’t Learn to Let Go – Carole Mahoney 

So many leadership books today are focused on what you must do and how you must act to be a leader, few- if any- address how to transition leadership and the internal work that must be done in order to do so successfully. This book does just that.

And it does more than help those who are trying to make the transition to mentor their successors- the author interviewed and worked closely with the next generation of leaders to include their perspectives and insights into the book. If you are a leader wondering what is going on in the mind of your millennials, this book pulls back the curtain.

Love that it Gives Me Their Perspective – Brian Kleinfall 

You hit the nail on the head as far as the issues we face with Millennials in the workplace. Love that it gives me their perspective – gives me a better understanding and appreciation where they are coming from. The book is very well organized and helps the reader to form all these experiences with Millennials into action items. Thanks again for such a great book. Looking forward to finishing it…

A must-read for leaders! – Tyler Olson

Danita Bye’s book, Millennials Matter, is a must-read for those who seek to understand how to best lead the workforce of the current and next generation. She clearly understands what it takes to be a good leader as well as what millennials seek in today’s workplace. I would encourage anybody seeking to become a stronger leader to read and seek to understand what she’s put together in this book.

Bridge the gap of today’s leaders to today’s new workforce – Rocky La Grone

Every now and then a game changer comes along. Being in the Training and Development business for over 25 years I can tell you this is certainly one of those game changers. If you are a business leader and you struggle with Millennials this is a must read. Millennials Matter is an insightful demystifying body of knowledge bridging the gap of today’s leaders to today’s workforce. Danita’s research summarizes best practices for greater productivity with a population that gets a lot of bad press.

Business Owner, are you still working on your strategy of mentoring your Millennial Successor in 2018; or you don’t even have a strategy? You can also contact Danita if you need assistance in getting your business sales growth plans in place. Email:

Millennials Matter
Danita Bye, a leadership, and sales development expert. She is the author of the new book, Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader  Order Yours Here Now!

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