Best Books On Millennials: Leaders

Best Books On Millennials: Leaders

As part of my research for Millennials Matter I conducted a survey with leaders from all walks of life. Here’s some of the top frustrations Leaders and CEO’s have with millennials: A know-it-all attitude, lack of accountability, character-development and determination, disregard for the value of work and low conflict resolution skills.

How concerned are you with transitioning key roles in your business to your Millennial Leader?

If you don’t have a clear strategy in place for getting your Millennial Leader ready, you are running out of time and need help. More resources, such as books, are becoming available to help you mentor and coach your next-gen leader. My book Millennials Matter is one such resource. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, here are some of the reviews by  leaders on Amazon:

A quick and inspiring read – Michael Gregory

Danita Bye takes her life’s experiences, her faith, her research and her passion to share with you, the reader, insights that will both inspire your leadership potential and reinforce your faith in the millennial generation. Throughout the text, she offers “Lessons in Leadership” and “A Word from a Millennial” to reinforce key concepts with a heavy dose of common sense.

A guidebook for leadership legacy – Mark Capaldini

Danita offers solid, well-reasoned, and time-tested insights. I also especially liked her incorporation of lessons from several authors I respect — Patrick Lencioni on accountability, David Horsager on trust, and Brandon Schaefer on the five capitals. While the primary focus is on mentoring millennials for the next generation of leadership, this book is also thought-provoking for those currently in leadership positions.

Help for Boomers who love Millennials – Paul Knight

Danita Bye has done a great job giving guidance, practical tips, and great DAKOTA Leadership principles. She is an author who is actively working with millennials and using the principles she is writing about. The book is helpful and insightful. To be honest, just reading the bits of Danita’s story made the book worth reading, add in the Leadership insights and it’s a winner.

You’ll be smarter if you get it and read it – Thomas Kieffer

At this stage of my life mentoring, teaching and training the next generation of leaders is a major focus of my work and volunteer life. I’m finding a golden nugget on almost every page that helps me to understand this generation better and provides ideas about how I can most effectively help them grow into the world-changing leaders to which many of them aspire. 

A faith-inspired, true collaboration – Jeff Meacham

Danita has taken the time to “seek first to understand” the next generation, and also to collaborate with some great business, education and faith leaders. She then brings practical application of timeless principles based on this understanding and conversation. There are many golden nuggets in this book. I was encouraged and challenged by the “Word from a Millennial” quotes, and will re-visit them for sure!

Inspiring – Michael Evans

This book gives me hope that the leaders of tomorrow, will be cultivated into leaders of integrity, ethics, and morals, so that when the time comes for me to pass the mantle of leadership – I will be able to do so- without hesitation. The book is obviously written by someone who has a heart for people and a desire to see others succeed. Millennials Matter is an encouragement to those who work with a younger generation and a guide to those who are up and coming leaders. It will inspire to become a better person, a greater leader, and mentor.
Thanks for the great read. I’ll be looking for more from this author.

Leader, act now and get your copy of Millennials Matter and take accountability to mentor and coach your Next-Gen Leader. You can also contact Danita if you need assistance in getting your business sales growth plans in place. Email:

Millennials Matter
Danita Bye, a leadership, and sales development expert. She is the author of the new book, Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader Order Yours Here Now

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