Best Books On Millennials: Sales Leaders

Best Books On Millennials: Sales Leaders

The star performers responsible for the growth of your business, will, in a few short years, be primarily made up of millennials. That’s a significant reason why mentoring young sales leaders need to be a top priority of every company’s sales growth strategy.

What are you doing to strengthen your sales team?

My book, Millennials Matter, is full of practical advice to help you get your Millennial Sales Leaders on track to over-achieving goal. Here are some reviews of the book:

I highly recommend reaching out to Danita to help you coach and mentor millennials – Paul Balus, Senior Director of Sales – Dealer Management, International and Training at Skyline Exhibits 

Danita Bye’s thorough understanding of the critical business issue regarding the development of millennials and her unique ability to address this topic is critical to your future success. Creating aware­ness, mobilizing efforts, and mapping out the right solution are required if you are to successfully overcome potential roadblocks. A “coach and mentor” for your millennials, I would highly recom­mend you reach out to Danita. Your legacy will be in good hands. 

Inspirational, Informative and Essential – Deb Calvert

What I liked best about Millennials Matter is that there are practical solutions. So much has been written about generational divides that is theoretical and, while interesting, only serves to widen the gap. The strategies here bridge any gaps and dignify the strengths of Millennials.

Very insightful and useful for any organization that has employees of different ages – Greg Pomerantz

There is practical advice in how to work with, engage and mentor millennials. Well done Danita.

Great Coaching Tips for Today’s Leaders – Alice Kemper

Danita’s Millennials Matter offers sound insights and practical suggestions to coach and grow an important segment of today’s organizations. Love the spot-on three key actions to coach Millennials.. Give Regular and Immediate Feedback and Encouragement publicly and privately. Recognize Their Individuality. Spot their Talents and Strengths as they are hungry to learn and this shows you are moving their career forward.
There’s much more… and it’s an easy and informative read.

Millennials Matter is a Virtue-Based model of Transformational Leadership – Dr Ramon A. Pastrano

Relevant, vital and inspiring, Millennials Matter is a courageous journey through the enigmatic, diverse and global culture that often defines this generation. With a sensibility characterized by empathy and profound wisdom, Danita Bye grapples with the critical issues that challenge traditional leadership practices, and the realities of this generation’s rapidly synchronous evolving world. 

The writing is terrific. A must read for 2018 and beyond – Shari Levitin

I couldn’t put this book down! Outstanding insights that are applicable to anyone with Millenials in their life, which means all of us. While focused on the traditional sales market, the insights in the book apply to all people and all industries as Millenials will comprise the majority of the workforce and our society in a few short years. What stood out most for me is Danita’s sense of self, her integrity, and compassion. She gives practical advice that can be applied immediately.

Finally…a take on generational differences that don’t subscribe to negative stereotypes. Amy Tolbert

The author unpacks the generational backpack in a meaningful way based on research. The conversational challenges make it real and actionable. By building in leadership lessons we all can help the organization – strengthening both leaders and team members alike on how they can improve their work processes…together, across generations. A must-have for today’s cross-generational work team! 

I’m so grateful for this book! – Brandon Schaefer

Finally, a positive view of this next generation – with practical tools and insights on how to engage, equip and inspire them within our work contexts. Danita’s heart (and belief) in these young leaders shines through. A “must-read” for today’s business leaders. 

Insights and Practical application to build tomorrow’s leaders – Nancy Bleeke

Danita wisely outlines key factors necessary to lead employees to productivity and becoming our future leaders. Sprinkled with comments by millennials who clearly tell us what they need from their leaders and stories from Danita’s experiences, the practical and thoughtful approach to not only lead millennials but to develop them into productive team members, leaders, and citizens, this book is a must read to bridge the distance and “they’re not like us” mentality.

Sales Leader, act now and get your copy of Millennials Matter and take accountability to mentor and coach your Next-Gen Sales Leader. You can also contact Danita if you need assistance in getting your business sales growth plans in place. Email:

Millennials Matter
Danita Bye, a leadership, and sales development expert. She is the author of the new book, Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader Order Yours Here Now

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