Foster Breakthrough Millennial Sales Results by Cultivating Collaboration

Foster Breakthrough Millennial Sales Results by Cultivating Collaboration

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Here’s a question for you that is discussed in the Forbes article: “If Millennials are the teamwork experts, why is there a Collaboration collapse in the workplace?”

How Executives Can Help Millennial Leaders Become Better Collaborators

Article featured in Forbes
Danita Bye, M.A., Contributor

“Live together. Die alone.”

The producers of the hit TV show Lost chose these poignant words for the finale of season two. This motto expresses a central truth about survival. You can work together and live, or you can strike out on your own, and die trying.





Top Tips to Improve Sales Performance in Your Millennial Leader

Are you feeling frustrated with your Millennial leader’s sales results?

Energizing and equipping CEO’s to stop complaining, and to start coaching Millennials, is my motivation for being on the Forbes Coaches Council. In case you’ve missed articles, here are some top tips to strengthen and improve your sales results.

Where are you seeing that your Millennial leader needs help to improve sales results and sales performance?





Are you Recruiting Millennial Salespeople?
Watch and Listen to
“Did you know” video

How to Give your Millennial Leader Feed-forward, Not Feedback

What are you doing to guide the Millennial sales leader in your business so that they reach their full potential?


Because of the very tearing of the fabric of our society, Millennials have grown up with little or no mentoring, or positive influence from an elder. How do we shape them to be the next great generation?

Jim Brangenberg asked this critical question. Jim and his wife, Martha recently interviewed me to discuss my new leadership guidebook, Millennials Matter.








6 Week Webinar Series



If you’re serious about the development of your Millennial Leaders, this series is a must.






What clients are saying about Millennials Matter


“Timely and on point, Millennials Matter is filled with truths you and your team can act on to make a difference in your future and our future. Inspiring, relevant, and actionable, this book is a toolbox to build trust, influence, and impact in our current and future leaders. We need to do this now!”

—Dave Horsager, Trust Edge Leadership Institute

The Test of a Generation – How are you Stewarding your Millennial Leader?

Jim Brangenberg recently interviewed me to learn more about my leadership guidebook, Millennials Matter. One of the questions he asked me was, “Danita, what is it that you want the world to know?

My response?







BOOK TOUR – Millennials Matter Movement: The Journey Continues

Kicking off the Millennial’s Matter Movement has been rewarding! Thanks for everyone’s help – endorsers, Amazon reviewers, LinkedIn and Facebook supporters. It’s been a whirlwind of coast-to-coast speaking engagements, functions, radio interviews, and podcasts.




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