How to Achieve Outstanding Millennial Sales Growth with Women Sales Pros

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How to Achieve Outstanding Millennial Sales Growth with Women Sales Pros

It’s the one-year celebration of the launch of Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building your Next-Gen Leader.  Thank you to my colleagues at Women SalesPros for joining me in getting this valuable leadership resource into the hands and onto the desks for leaders around the globe!

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Danita Bye

Don’t lose your entire life’s work because you cannot learn to let go. ~ Carole Mahoney

Business leaders cannot afford to ignore how they are developing the next generation of leaders. Your customers want to know that your business will thrive in the leadership transition. So many leadership books today are focused on what you must do and how you must act to be a leader, few- if any- address how to transition leadership and the internal work that must be done in order to do so successfully. This book does just that.

And it does more than help those who are trying to make the transition to mentor their successors- the author interviewed and worked closely with the next generation of leaders to include their perspectives and insights into the book. If you are a leader wondering what is going on in the mind of your millennials, this book pulls back the curtain.

Another thing that is different about this book from others I have read this year is the metaphor, analogies, and references to the Bible. You might wonder why a science-junkie like me would recommend this book. The leadership lessons and recommended action items in this book correspond scientific findings. That is why this book kept me up at night with my highlighter.

The one critique I have is the word ‘millennial’. I don’t view this book as a ‘how to deal with the “millennial” crisis’, mostly because I don’t believe this is a millennial only issue. It’s a generational issue. Generations are cycles, and each cycle has it’s own unique issues based on the events and experiences of that generation. The first highlight I made in the book was from a ‘millennial’: “I’m not a trend, I’m an individual. Get to know me as a person.”

I have already given away copies to family owned business owners and those looking to secure their legacies.

Great Coaching Tips for Today’s Leaders ~ Alice Kemper

A priority and most often requested information from our clients is how to coach and lead the Millennials… our future leaders. Danita’s Millennials Matter offers sound insights and practical suggestions to coach and grow an important segment of today’s organizations. Love the spot-on three key actions to coach Millennials.. Give Regular and Immediate Feedback and Encouragement publicly and privately. Recognize Their Individuality – Dr. Rogers did say they were ‘special’. Spot their Talents and Strengths as they are hungry to learn and this shows you are moving their career forward.
There’s much more… and it’s an easy and informative read.

The writing is terrific. A must read for 2018 and beyond ~ Shari Levitin

I couldn’t put this book down!

Outstanding insights that are applicable to anyone with Millenials in their life, which means all of us. While focused on the traditional sales market, the insights in the book apply to all people and all industries as Millenials will comprise the majority of the workforce and our society in a few short years.What stood out most for me is Danita’s sense of self, her integrity, and compassion. She gives practical advice that can be applied immediately. As a bonus, the writing is terrific. A must read for 2018 and beyond!

Insights and practical application to build tomorrow’s leaders
~ Nancy Bleeke

I’ve often been troubled with using a term to stereotype people of a certain age and firmly believe that each person is unique and deserves a leader/mentor/coach to find out what makes them tick and how to extract their best for now and the future. Danita Bye’s book underscores this so well with the “millenials” term. While technology and other cultural factors have shaped this age group in ways we baby boomers may find hard to relate to, deep down, they are people who have varying levels of commitment, care, and compassion, just like we do.

Danita wisely outlines key factors necessary to lead employees to productivity and becoming our future leaders. Sprinkled with comments by millennials who clearly tell us what they need from their leaders and stories from Danita’s experiences, the practical and thoughtful approach to not only lead millennials but to develop them into productive team members, leaders, and citizens, this book is a must read to bridge the distance and “they’re not like us” mentality.

Insights and practical application we can all take to heart.

Inspirational, Informative and Essential ~ Deb Calvert

If you live with, work with, attend events with, or even ride the bus ride the bus with people under 35, this book is a must-read. As an Executive Coach, I get asked questions nearly every day that are answered in this book. As a mother of millennials, I ask myself questions every day (every hour?!) that are thoroughly and thoughtfully answered in this book. What I liked best about Millennials Matter is that there are practical solutions. So much has been written about generational divides that is theoretical and, while interesting, only serves to widen the gap. The strategies here bridge any gaps and dignify the strengths of Millennials.

Straightforward, Helpful, Practical Tips & Stories ~ Lori Richardson

I work with recent college graduates everyday in entry level sales positions. What I liked most about this book was the stories and the very practical tips. Having younger voices chime in throughout the book makes it a very practical handbook for those working to better understand this segment of employees, buyers, family members and neighbors.

A timely book, written to help business leaders understand … ~ Caryn Kopp

A timely book, written to help business leaders understand and mentor the millennials in their workforce and to recognize their importance to the company’s future. Danita reminds all of us to value our different experiences and “live with a high regard for one’s work.”

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