How to Achieve Sales Growth through the Domino-Difference (TedxTalk)

How to Achieve Sales Growth through the Domino-Difference (TedxTalk)

Did you know that a domino has enough energy to knock over another domino 1.5 times its size? In only 29 moves, a micro domino of only 5 mm can knock over a domino the size of the Empire State building. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

The Domino Difference in your Millennial Sales Leader’s Development

As a business or sales leader, you have that same potential to create remarkable sales growth in your business. Why? Because you have the ability to develop the Millennials in your life to become the greatest generation ever by coaching and mentoring them.

What will you do to make a domino impact in your millennial sales leader’s life?

If you are one of the leaders struggling to figure out the best way to work with your emerging leader, I invite you to watch the video of my TEDx Talk,Millennials Matter: Stop Complaining and Start Coaching. I shared a stage with eight thought leaders at a TEDx event.

Leadership Lesson: Start making a micro domino-difference today to get Empire State Building sales results.

Leadership Question: How are you making a domino-difference in your emerging sales leader’s development?

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