How to  Hire High Performing Sales People, Millennials

How to  Hire High Performing Sales People, Millennials


It’s easy to fall into the trap of stereotyping Millennials, up-and-coming salespeople and business leaders. So let me say it loudly: Not all Millennials are the same – especially when it comes to hiring them for sales positions where they’re tasked with getting new clients and growing profitable revenues.Yet every company needs salespeople that will succeed in the roles that must be filled. I’d like to invite you to a LIVE presentation on Tuesday, Februrary 21st – The Role of Benchmarking, EEOC Compliance and Predictive Sales Selection in Hiring Great Salespeople for Your Company.

I’m sponsoring Dave Kurlan, one of the Top 50 Sales Influencers in the world. He will be explaining the importance of benchmarking top performers and making sure your sales recruiting efforts are EEOC Compliant. Plus, he will help you to make sure that you can predict, with confidence, whether your sales candidates, even the Millennials, will succeed in your market and the role you need to fill.

Here are the details to register and if you want more information just drop me a line at
​Looking forward to you joining me.
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