3 Ways to Keep your Sales Team on Track During This Crisis (Webinar)

3 Ways to Keep your Sales Team on Track During This Crisis (Webinar)

Do you find yourself scrambling to keep your sales teams on track, focused on their sales objectives? And, what about those working remotely for the first time?

During stable times, a staggering 63% of Millennials report being disengaged in their sales role. What does that number increase to when dealing with Next-Gen salespeople who haven’t lived through a crisis like this?

It’s no wonder business and sales leaders are frustrated. They are scrambling for strategies to help their sales teams to stay focused on their sales objectives.

71% of sales leaders report being frustrated with managing their Millennials.

If you’re one of these, we have good news. The Millennial Sales Growth Webinar (which starts 4/9 at 10 AM Central) is for CEOs, Presidents, Owners, and Sales Leaders who are frustrated with what sales performance management should look like in the midst of the 24/7 news coverage of the market chaos and Coronavirus….and a remote sales staff.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Motivate your Millennial – Tap the 4 key Millennial motivational drivers. What are the mindsets that you need to nurture in your salespeople so they can weather these troubled times?
  • Coach your Millennial – Identify 3 mindsets that are needed to retain and grow business in his crazy world.
  • Raise the bar – Leverage 5 Mindsets that will spark movement when a salesperson is stalled out, frozen with fear, or playing the victim role.

Register for this 3-week webinar series, today. It starts on 4/9 at 10 AM Central. As a special bonus, you will receive:

  • 3 eBooks on Millennial motivation, coaching, and accountability – FREE
  • 1 FREE Online Millennial Sales Assessment.

You’ll pick up 3 ways to keep your sales team on track during this crisis. During unpredictable, chaotic times like this, get some proven, practical tools to keep your sales team on track. Won’t you join us?

Learn more about my co-host, Hunter Byington, here. Plus, catch these short 90-sec videos:

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The Millennial Sales Growth Webinar
Get more information on how The Millennial Sales Growth Webinar can make a distinct difference in your organization, here.
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