Learn the Top 5 Strategies to Build a Winning Millennial Sales Team

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Learn the Top 5 Strategies to Build a Winning Millennial Sales Team

What are the similarities between running a business and running a marathon?  You don’t have to be an athlete to know that it takes guts and determination to run a marathon. I always wonder how these athletes manage to keep putting one foot in front of the other, mile after mile. What does your emerging sales leader need to start and finish strong?

Why is Your Millennial Sales Leader Not Making it to the Winners Podium?

I get calls weekly from experienced leaders looking for fresh, innovative strategies to improve the engagement of their emerging sales leaders so that they can leverage their creativity to capture new clients and markets.

To avoid the common mistakes that might keep you from taking your business to the winners’ podium, I’ve developed two helpful resources.

Both resources contain tips for developing a winning strategy. Strategies that will enable your NextGen to start and finish strong. This is especially important for business leaders in the process of strengthening the next generation to successfully lead the family business and/or dealing with the shifting realities of the digitized decade.

So, let’s do the marathon/business comparison…

What do a marathon athlete and a business leader need to succeed over the long haul?

  • Motivation – Without the right kind of motivation, an athlete may become exhausted along the way and give up. In Millennial Sales Motivation, we’ll talk about how to create the motivational culture that keeps your emerging leader engaged.
  • A unique winning strategy – Top-class marathon athletes train according to a tailor-made program. In Millennial Sales Coaching, you’ll discover how to develop a unique winning strategy for your Millennial’s career development.
  • Accountability – To succeed, marathon athletes need a coach who will hold them accountable for their training program. In Millennial Sales Accountability, you’ll get fresh insights on how you can create a culture of accountability and move away from blame-games and excuse-making.
  • Natural talent – Varying body types are crossing the finishing lines, but for the most part, the small-framed, extremely lean marathon runners are on the winners’ podiums. Millennial Sales Hiring guides you in your recruiting and hiring process to identify the salespeople with a natural talent.
  • A purpose – Legendary athletes say they have a purpose that goes beyond winning, for example, to inspire others to persevere against all odds. In Millennial Sales Compensation, you’ll learn how to develop a compensation package that addresses the unique needs of Millennials and Gen Zers.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share short video clips and articles to provide more insight into how each of these topics. Plus, you’ll be hearing from my Sales Growth Webinar Series co-host, Hunter Byington, on creating win-win-win scenarios for you, your emerging leader, and your business.

Here are the articles in the Millennial Sales Growth Series:

  • The Top 5 Strategies to Build a Winning Millennial Sales Team
  • How to Create a Motivational Culture for Marathon Salespeople
  • Achieve Superior Sales Growth Through Coaching
  • How to Build Accountability in your Millennial Salespeople

In an upcoming series, I will share these Bonus Resources:

  • Here’s the Winning Millennial Sales Recruitment Process
  • Millennial Salespeople Want a Unique Compensation Plan
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If you are a business owner committed to growing your business, or a family business owner in the process of transitioning ownership to the next generation, now is the time to address your concerns. Join us on this journey.

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