How to Make Your Millennial Sales Team Rejection-Proof

Is your Millennials Sales Team Rejection-Proof

How to Make Your Millennial Sales Team Rejection-Proof

Are your Millennial salespeople having a hard time getting the next appointment? Are they struggling to reach decision makers? Do they hesitate to ask information from stakeholders, leveling up higher in the organization, or closing the deal? Simply put, why are they passively beating around the bush?

It’s not because they lack prospecting skills, closing skills, the right words to say, or tactics for getting past the inevitable objections. You’ll be surprised to learn what’s holding them back.

Your emerging salespeople are not getting what they want because they are not asking for what they want.

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It’s because they are afraid to hear the word no. Our research shows that 28% of all salespeople have difficulty recovering from rejection, and 45% of the bottom 10% have trouble in this area.

Yet, every salesperson must endure many “no’s” in order to get to “yes”.

That’s why I highly recommend that you get a copy of my friend, Jeb Blount’s new book, Objections: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art and Science of Getting Past No. In the book, Jeb shows you what really stops your up-and-coming sales reps from closing sales and reaching their income goals.

What you will not find in Objections are old school techniques straight out of the last century. No bait and switch schemes, no sycophantic tie-downs, no cheesy scripts, and none of the contrived closing techniques that leave you feeling like a phony, destroy relationships, and only serve to increase buyers’ resistance.

Get your copy now! Jeb has a valuable Objections Bonus Pack for you when you order today. You will gain instant access to a treasure trove of downloadable business tools (worth over $2,500) from leading experts like me. Learn more here.

Find out how to help your Millennial salespeople master the art and science of getting past no and become unstoppable closers. Get your copy of Objections now!

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Check out Jeb Blount's New Book
P.S. When you buy the book, make sure to read Chapter 9 at least twice: “Avoiding Objections is Stupid” – it will change the way your up-and-coming sales leaders look at objections forever! Check out Objections now.

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