Micro Mentoring Moves have a Mighty Impact on your Millennial Leader (TedxTalk)

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Micro Mentoring Moves have a Mighty Impact on your Millennial Leader (TedxTalk)

The fake news about Millennials is brutal. It paints all of them (Yes, all 83 million), as narcissistic, entitled, lazy, self-absorbed, and disloyal….and the list expands on a daily basis.

Is this really true?

We’ve surveyed over 300 leaders. Yes, 60% confess to having frustrations in working with this generation. At the same time, 100% are also filled with hope, asking for help on how to tap the brilliance of their emerging leaders.

One of these leaders asked me, “Danita, what micro-mentoring moves can I make that will have a life-changing impact on the emerging leaders in my world?

What a great question to ask ourselves as leaders, managers, coaches, parents, and educators.

I included my answer to this question in my recent TEDx talk. If you are also one of the leaders, trying to figure out the best way to work with this generation, I invite you to watch.  You’ll be inspired to use your leadership wisdom and experience to tap the brilliance of your emerging sales leaders.

Watch the video here. I’d love to hear your reflections on your mentors and coaches…and how that impacts your coaching and mentoring.

Leadership Question: What micro mentoring moves might you do that can have a major impact on your Millennial leader and salesperson?

This article featured in my Danita Bye October 2018 Newsletter 

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