Millennial Development: Reviewers Shatter the Stereotypes (Part 2)

Millennial Development: Reviewers Shatter the Stereotypes (Part 2)

“No problem, I’ll just ask Siri!” On October 19, 2017, Daniel Brea uploaded “A Millennial Job Interview” on Vimeo. During the 3 minute tongue-in-cheek portrayal of Millennial stereotypes, you will see how young Amy handles (bungles) her job interview.  Constantly texting, barely making eye contact with the interviewer, she demands flexible work hours. When the interviewer suggests that she might not have the necessary skills for the job, Amy shrugs her shoulders and says, “No problem, I’ll just ask Siri!” When told that she is probably not a fit, she indignantly demands to speak to HR. She wants to lay a complaint even though she hasn’t been hired!

How do you feel about the millennial stereotypes we hear and read about every day? Do you see them in your business?

The clip has been viewed almost 4 million times and received mixed comments. One Millennial describes the video as a “crass generalization, insulting and distasteful.” You can watch the full clip here.

One of the main objectives of my book, Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader was to dispel the stereotypes that haunt this generation. In doing so, I committed to providing practical tips, proven strategies, and encouragement to experienced leaders. We have a duty to mentor and coach this promising generation.

One such leader is Dr.Heather Holleman, a college instructor in the Department of English, Penn State. After reading Millennials Matter, she sent me this note:

Recently, I wrote about the professors from the Liffrig Family School of Education and Behavioral Sciences. They decided to use a ‘book club’ strategy to review Millennials Matter. You can read the article here:

Here are more thoughts from the professors that may help you in your coaching and mentoring journey with your millennial sales leader.

“Leadership insights, such as those in Millennials Matter, offering guidance for younger generations that is incredibly valuable to their development as leaders. Ultimately, it gives these leaders the confidence to take the next best step forward as professionals.”

Greg Syrup, Entrepreneurial Professor, UND

Gain Insight from Millennial Testimony

One professor commented, “Danita Bye, in her book Millennials Matter, has actually taken the time to consult quality research, including Millennial-based testimony…”

Are you struggling to come to grips with the “uniqueness” of your millennial leader? If one only looked at the millennial testimony in this book, a wealth of insight would be gained.

  • Learn how Millennials approach their world and the impact they potentially have on the future trajectory of our society.
  • Discover how emerging leaders seek to find their purpose to make a difference in the world.
  • Participate in their search for a career that fulfills them and keeps them excited and engaged.

Accept the Gen-X and Boomer Challenge

“I am taking elements from Millennials Matter to use in my own research on seminary education as it pertains to preparing millenials. Learning how to walk beside millennials is an essential attribute for sound equipping. The Church and Christian educators need to understand the paradigm shifts in values, work and learning motivators, community, trust and world view from generation to generation.The primary points on which you write are translatable from business to education and the church.”

Kendra Diehl Vice President, Director of Spiritual & Character Formation
The Master’s Institute, St. Paul,  MN

Many of us in the Gen-X and Boomer Generation have shelved Millennials as being the screen-loving, narcissistic generation. According to this professor, “It is important to help Millennials practice effective communication and identify their talents to develop a healthy self-image.” 

Commit to accept the Gen-X and Boomer challenge to assist your Millennial in developing an action mindset.

  • Nurture a sense of personal accountability within your millennial leader.
  • Assist them to avert the tendency to cast blame and make excuses.

“Millennials Matter is a must read for anyone interested in preparing new leaders to meet the challenges of the future. Danita Bye leads us through the steps to help develop values-based differentia in emerging adults and gives us the tools to discover the potential in others to lead.”

Ed Schafer, Governor of North Dakota (1992–2000); US Secretary of Agriculture (2008)

Inspire the Investment Effect

In the words of this professor, “Millennials Matter presents firsthand witness and alternative research which points to Millennials as a virtuous-based, altruistic gift to the world.”

You can help inspire the investment effect in your Millennial leader.

  • Demonstrate self-reflection to utilize the strengths of your Millennial leader to help them make a real difference.
  • Align Millennial talents and strengths with their work.

Accept the challenge to shatter millennial stereotypes. Step up and harness the unique gifts and talents that your Millennial brings to your business. Together you can grow your business, realize their dreams and you can leave a lasting legacy.

Stop complaining and start coaching today! To get your copy of Millennials Matter, go here.

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Leadership Lesson: Look beyond the stereotypes and commit to finding the brilliance in your emerging sales leader.

Leadership Question: How are you harnessing the unique skills of your Millennial sales leader?

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