Millennial Leadership – 4 Strategies to Mobilize your Next-Gen Leader

Millennial Leadership – 4 Strategies to Mobilize your Next-Gen Leader

“Ramp up your efforts to mentor Millennials for leadership roles in your business.” – Danita Bye


Charlie is the President of a technology company and Millennials make up 35% of his current workforce. After completing the Millennial Survey, he sent me a very encouraging message as it aligns 100% with my Next-Gen leadership development recommendations.

Charlie is purposefully proactive in developing the leadership qualities of his up-and-coming team, so that they will help build his company. Why is this so important?

Researchers project that nearly 80 percent of current business leaders and CEOs will retire within the next ten years.[1] Each one will take with them decades of experience and wisdom.

What is your transition strategy to ensure your company will continue to reap the rewards of the blood and sweat you’ve invested over the years?

[1]It’s Time To Retire Retirement

I hope this extract from Millennials Matter will inspire you to tackle your critical role with the passion it deserves:

“Millennials need our help. The world is undergoing a rapid shift, and millions of young adults struggle to find their footing. Amid this cultural chaos, next-gen leaders need the benefit of what we know. They need our wisdom and our insights.”

Millennial Matter Survey
Danita Bye, a leadership, and sales development expert. She is the author of the new book, Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader.Order Yours Here Now!

As a business owner, you are – I’m sure – well aware of the crucial part you can play in developing your Millennial’s leadership role. In Millennials Matter, I describe some of the benefits of doing this. You will:

      • maximize your sales growth efforts;
      • mobilize your up-and-coming leaders; and
      • realize your leadership legacy.

Here are 4 strategies to help you mobilize your Millennial leader:

      • Choose to treat every young leader you meet with an open mind and an open heart.

Charlie says: “Some of the Millennials on my team fit the classic stereotype, some buck the stereotype completely and then we have everything in between.”

      • Discover what is distinctive about your next-gen leader and guide him or her to develop and leverage those attributes.

Charlie says: “I have already identified a number of high potential candidates that I’m confident will move into management/leadership positions.”

      • Mirror your emerging leader’s strengths, dreams, motivation, perspectives, and style to him or her.

Charlie says: “What I’ve found to be very effective is holding regular open forums with groups of Millennials large and small and being very transparent about our strategy and vision.”

      • Draw out the best in your up-and-coming sales leader by asking for their input

Charlie says: “I also seek input and ideas on how to make my company a better place to work. This has resulted in some very positive changes to the organization which has had a positive cultural impact and made this business a much more attractive environment for this important generation.”

If you follow Charlie’s example and start your business transition process early, you won’t find yourself in a predicament one day. It’s a powerful combination when young talent and wise leadership come together to work toward a shared vision and mutual goals.

Leadership Lesson: Wise Leadership includes a transition plan to get your Millennial Leader ready to take over from you.

Leadership Question: How are you doing with your plan to identify and mentor suitable Millennials to replace your experienced workforce?

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