Millennial Survey: Free Book to Next 100 Business Executives

Millennial Survey: Free Book to Next 100 Business Executives


Thanks to all who’ve completed the survey  on closing the gap on Millennial Leaders’ Development. Your insights are critical as we finalize this much-needed resource.
The 2 Min. survey is open for another week to give you  an opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns. So here’s the scoop again –
My vision: To energize and equip business leaders of character to build the value of their business by investing in their up-and-coming sales and executive leaders.  

New Book: I’m asking for insights and perspectives from experienced business leaders.

  • As a thank you, you’re first in line for a Complimentary copy when the book is released in Spring 2017.
  • Please complete the relevant section on the survey to reserve your copy.

Your Insights: I’m asking for your insights on the following: 

  • Your key concerns with this new group of leaders.
  • Title & Subtitle (Those that quickly capture your attention, enough to pick up the book). 

What others are saying: 
“My son, Alex, is considering Industrial Psychology, instead of Med School DO, or P. He explained it to me as a business need, to help large companies work with Millennials to create purpose, meaning, and loyalty. And, in my opinion, get more productivity and efficiency out of them! Interesting what generations do to create opportunities!

“Bringing in youth is a focus of mine right now. We have many customers in this age group. I do not want to be offensive, but a baby boomer writing a book on millennials seems like a stretch. I just hired a VP of Sales and Marketing. One of his key metrics will be bringing in millennials to the sales force.”
What questions or thoughts do you have on leveraging Millennials to build the value of your business?
What are your key 2017 initiatives for addressing this challenge?

Click on the link to complete the survey  It should only take 2 Min….Max.
Look forward to hearing from you.

​​© Copyright Danita Bye, 2016

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