Do Millennials Really Matter for Fast Tracking Business & Sales Growth?

Do Millennials Really Matter for Fast Tracking Business & Sales Growth?

It’s been a whirlwind of radio interviews, podcasts and articles, from CEO World to Charisma. Leaders are discussing this question, along with how to implement key actions in Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next Gen Leaders. Here are some articles that have sparked even more dialogue:

M & A Strategies

If you’re contemplating or involved in a Merger & Acquisition transaction, check out these articles on critical areas that are often neglected during this transition.

Facebook Alert

Is Social Media Impacting the Business Results of Your Millennials? My recent Forbes article, Is social media impacting the business results of your Millennials?stimulated lots of emails from leaders. What do you think is the impact of social media in your company?

Margin Squeeze

I’ve had a number of questions lately, like, “Why are margins dropping?” and, “What can we do to turn the tide?” These articles have some important insights for us to consider.

Parenting Problems

What is your role in assisting your Millennials to develop solid character in an ethics-starved world and deep-rooted confidence? Here are some practical tips.

Free Millennial Leadership Intro Webinar

How often do you complain about the Millennials on your staff or in your life? For our businesses and sales results to grow, let’s stop complaining and start coaching. Don’t miss this free webinar on June 15th.

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