New Year’s Resolution for Leaders: Build Your Millennial Leader

New Year’s Resolution for Leaders: Build Your Millennial Leader

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for your commitment to helping get the word out on Millennials Matter.  It’s a welcome leadership resource for those who are scratching their heads on how to work with this new generation of leaders in 2018—for those committed to being a leader that builds other leaders, to leaving a positive leadership legacy.

Who are the Millennial leaders you’re planning to coach and mentor this year?

Momentum is building, thanks to everyone’s great efforts. Here’s some recent press, in addition to Forbes.

Check out more Press here.

Amazon: Our goal is 50 Amazon Five Star Customer Reviews by Jan 1 – business leaders, non-profit leaders, parents, and pastors will all benefit from this resource.

Pulse Prayer: I was deeply humbled to lead a group of leaders committed to the Next Generation at the US Bank Stadium in prayer at the Pulse conference. This is also my prayer for all of us in the New Year.

Holy One –

We stand in awe of your glorious, un-imaginable majesty.

We bow before you in great humbleness and gratefulness,

that you have called us to be Your own

have put your seal on our hearts.

We join your vision for Transformation

Every young person, every young leader

would know you, and would love you – the Great I Am.

This is your heart for our city,

our state, our nation, our world.

We need your help, Lord, to make Jesus known.

For Jesus changes everything.

Reset our lives, that we would be wholly, devoted

followers of you 24/7.

May your name be praised in all that we do,

All that we say, and

All that we are,

In Jesus Name,

And for His Glory and Honor,


© Copyright 2017 Danita Bye

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