Paradoxical Leadership Inspiration 2017

Paradoxical Leadership Inspiration 2017


  ​Leading and Mentoring happens both on the home front and in our businesses as we’re getting Next Gen Leaders ready to take over the helm. (New Year’s Eve was busy with Grandson #1’s 2nd birthday – he loves John Deere tractors!)Last week I shared an inspirational paradoxical leadership poem with you.  This week, I thought it might be fun to do my business interpretation of this poem based on the key recommendation in my upcoming book on Leading Millennials.

I’m the first to admit that my metric-driven-scientific brain has never leaned towards mastering the art of poetry. As you read, I hope you will be challenged to tackle the stewardship responsibility of leading all of the up-and-coming leaders in your life, both work and home, in 2017 as you read.

Paradoxical Leadership Poem
​In times of adversity–
We focus on delivering our business results;
However, to get the expected results, we must also help our staff                                      achieve their  personal goals and dreams.We’re expected to be strong leaders with a compelling vision;
However, to inspire the vision, we must serve our client, employee and                           constituents.

We inspire and create new opportunities;
And, yet, we also need to provide resource and reduce risk.

We create discipline to guide decisions and actions;
And, yet, that discipline is useless without the creative talents of our                               teams.

We exude external, confident strength to our teams;
And, yet, we can’t delude ourselves—we must be intensely in touch with                         our own internal misgivings and fears.

We’re called upon to stir a strong faith-in-the-future for our followers;
And yet, we’re called upon daily to deal courageously with the facts-of-                          current-reality.

We are laser-focused on delivering bottom-line results;
And, to deliver those results, we also focus on nurturing relationships                              with those around us.

We access all the resources and talent that we can;
While relying on the Almighty for wisdom and insight.

Use your leadership experience and wisdom to nurture and coach our future leaders in 2017, so that you might see them flourish as they help you reach your business goals.

Leadership Lesson: Focus on business results AND focus on building relationships.
Leadership Question: How will you inspire the Next Gen leaders on your team in 2017?

Copyright 2015 by Danita Bye, Sales Growth Specialists. All rights reserved. 

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