Proactive Leaders and the Millennial Leadership Workshop

Proactive Leaders and the Millennial Leadership Workshop

The importance of engaging talented next-gen leaders continues to gain momentum as more and more leaders catch the Millennials Matter movement.

What are proactive leaders doing as they prepare to meet the workplace demands of the new decade?

Proactive leaders know that they need to attract, develop, and retain top millennial talent so that their organizations will survive and thrive in the era of AI, robotics, and digitization.

They want to know how to:

  • Create an environment that is known as one of the best places for millennials to work;
  • Develop teams who are loyal and deeply devoted to their mission;
  • Establish a culture where millennials are eager to learn from experienced leaders;
  • Cultivate a pipeline of young leaders who have the character and skills to succeed in their job.

The answer: The Millennial Leadership Workshop– a workshop designed to help leaders take concrete steps on sparking engagement with Millennials and Next-Gen leaders. The Millennial Leadership Workshop will assist you to discover the building blocks you need to become a master mentor and coach.

I am honored to enjoy the support and encouragement of a growing number of leaders who are committed to develop high competence and high character leaders for the future.  Here’s a sampling of the Amazon Five Star Reviews for Millennials Matter.

You can read more Amazon Five Star Reviews here.

Lori La Bey: “Millennials Matter, by Danita Bye, gives incredible insights to a misunderstood generation which is not only critical to our work force but society as a whole. I love her practical approach to bring us together to build powerful teams and leaders.”

Charlie Cox: “Danita is one of the most insightful business consultants I know. Millennials Matter is a well-timed book and provides tremendous guidance and ideas to help lead in today’s business world.”


Cheryl Leitschuh: “Danita’s book is timely, informative and practical. It is about time that we honor and respect what the Millennials bring to the table. Helping them move ahead using their talents and insight is what the future needs. BRAVO Danita!”

Brandon Schaefer: “I’m so grateful for this book! Finally, a positive view of this next generation – with practical tools and insights on how to engage, equip and inspire them within our work contexts. Danita’s heart (and belief) in these young leaders shines through. A “must-read” for today’s business leaders.”

Mark Capaldini: “Danita Bye has woven together diverse strands of wisdom in this practical, well-organized, and useful book. Danita offers solid, well-reasoned, and time-tested insights. While the primary focus is on mentoring Millennials for the next generation of leadership, this book is also thought-provoking for those currently in leadership positions. As the father of two Millennials, her insights and comments ring true to me personally, too.”












Mike Gregory: “This past weekend it was my pleasure to read Millennials Matter. What a quick and inspiring read. We are all shaped by our experiences. Danita Bye takes her life’s experiences, her faith, her research and her passion to share with you, the reader, insights that will both inspire your leadership potential and reinforce your faith in the millennial generation.” This is a must-read for anyone that is a millennial or anyone that works with Millennials. Thank you for doing the research, sharing your story and inspiring us through your writings, Danita. What a great read!”


Millennial Leadership Workshop
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