Ready to Turn Your Millennial Frustrations into Superior Sales Growth Success? (Webinar)

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Ready to Turn Your Millennial Frustrations into Superior Sales Growth Success? (Webinar)

Many sales leaders and business owners feel frustrated with managing Millennials and their Next-Gen salespeople. And they have good reason to be concerned… Are you one of those leaders?

A staggering 63% of Millennials report being disengaged in their sales role.  It’s no wonder leaders feel disappointed with the results they get from their young teams.

Managing a millennial sales staff is challenging and requires leaders to improve their Millennial IQ. They need to learn how to:

  • Motivate and inspire performance
  • Strategically coach high performance
  • Create a Can-Do culture

So, if you are agreeing with 71% of sales leaders who report being frustrated with managing their Millennials, we have good news.  The Millennial Sales Growth Webinar is designed to assist leaders in building high-performance sales teams who will excel in the digitized decade.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Motivate your Millennial – Discover the top 4 key motivational drivers
  • Coach your Millennial – Identify 3 secrets of a growth mindset
  • Raise the bar – Leverage 5 words that will spark engagement

Are you ready to turn your Millennial frustrations into superior sales growth success? Then I invite you to register for this 3-week webinar series, today.  As a special bonus, you will receive three eBooks on Millennial motivation, coaching, and accountability – free! You will also receive a FREE Online Millennial Sales Assessment.

The Millennial Sales Growth Webinar
Get more information on how The Millennial Sales Growth Webinar can make a distinct difference in your organization, here.
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