Seek, Join, Be Transformed

Seek, Join, Be Transformed

From the back corner of the room, I saw my dad talking with him, and said to myself, “If my dad is there, I need to be there also!” Then, I weaved my way to the front. I knew that I needed to be there.

This was my first thought when I saw my dad in conversation with President Trump.

A number of people have asked me about the highlight of meeting President Trump at the Business Roundtable in Fargo with about fifteen other North Dakota business leaders. After a 45-minute engaging discussion on important issues, the organizers announced that the Roundtable was done and it was time to get to the larger gathering of guests.

As we all got up to leave, I found myself stuck in the back corner of the room, dwarfed by taller people, not able to see President Trump. Of course, I was curious about what was happening at the front of the room. I stood on the tips of my toes, trying to catch a glimpse. Finally, I found a small gap between the “giants” in front of me.

To my surprise, my dad, who also attended the Roundtable, was standing next to President Trump, who was still seated at the table. Dad was leaning down and talking to him. That’s when I thought, “If my dad is there, I need to be there also!”

I started weaving my way through the business leaders, “Excuse me. Excuse me.” I reach President Trump just as my dad was leaving.

Learning down also, I proudly said, “That was my dad. Do you know that every single Monday morning he writes a letter to you – a word of encouragement?”

President Trump responded with intrigue, “He does?”

“Yes, he does, President Trump.” I reiterated. “Isn’t that amazing?”

As he gently nodded his head up and down, he said, “Yes, that IS amazing.”

With a pause in the conversation, I panicked thinking, “Oh my! What do I say now?” The first thought that came to mind was to ask, “Would you please sign my book, Millennials Matter?

He said, “Yes!” As he was signing, the “handlers” were calling on him to go. He got up to leave, he stopped, pondered, then said appreciatively, “You know what, that comment you made about your dad… that is really amazing. Thank you for sharing.”

That’s my highlight of meeting with President Trump – to see how touched he was that someone would take the time every single Monday morning to write words of encouragement to him.

Reflect and Be Transformed

As I reflect on my thought, “If my dad is there, I need to be there also,” I am reminded of Henry T. Blackaby’s quote from Experiencing God: Knowing and doing the will of God:

We don’t choose what we will do for God; He invites us to join Him where He wants to involve us.

It’s a simple, yet compelling message – find out where God is at work and join Him there. This is a message for all of us leaders, mentors and coaches of next-gen, millennial leaders. It’s a message of transformation. Seek out where God is working spiritually, relationally, physically, intellectually and financially in the emerging leaders that God has intentionally and strategically placed in your life. Then, join in and be a part of the transformation happening in their lives.

I don’t know if you’re a Trump supporter or not. Whether you agree with what he’s doing and how he is choosing to do it doesn’t matter. What I do know is that God IS at work in your life and in the lives of the millennial leaders in your sphere of influence. And, He is inviting you to join Him in their coaching, mentoring, and disciplining process.

Some of the questions for us to ask ourselves are:

  • Where do we see God working in the emerging leaders in my life?
  • How is God inviting to participate in Kingdom work?

Imagine the transformational leadership impact we will have on our emerging leaders.

The noise of the culture and our crazy, busy schedules is almost deafening at times. It takes intentionality to listen and become increasingly aware of how God wants to leverage your talents, wisdom, and experience for Kingdom purposes.

Are you willing to participate in God’s transformation work?

Weave your way through the crowd and find a quiet place to reflect. Maybe you too will see your Father at work. That’s where you need to be.

This article featured in my Danita Bye October 2018 Newsletter


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