Surprising Findings on Millennial Salespeople + 2-Question Survey

Managing Millennials, Sales Coaching & Mentoring

Surprising Findings on Millennial Salespeople + 2-Question Survey


​THANK YOU to everyone that completed the 2-Question Survey on the name of my new book. It’s open for another week to give more people the opportunity to respond. And…it’s really a 2 question survey! 30 Seconds to complete.

​Here is the link to the survey:

In my research for my upcoming book on mentoring and coaching Millennial sales and business leaders, I found a couple of helpful articles in understanding where to focus development efforts when working with Next Generation sales reps—from coaching and mentoring to training.

The statistics in “Rebuttal to what Elite Salespeople Do Differently” is astounding!  Check it out.


I trust these resources will help in your efforts to improve the performance of the Millennials on your sales teams.

How many ‘Elite’s’ are currently on your sales team? Check it out here at ​Sales Force Grader.

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