Tips to Spotlight Millennial Leadership Talents, Core Competencies & Passions

Tips to Spotlight Millennial Leadership Talents, Core Competencies & Passions

My phone rings. It’s Sarah.  I sensed that she’s very upset.  She desperately wanted the promotion, but she failed the interview.  She’s convinced that this means the end of the line for her at her current job.  Now she’s asking my help to update her resume. So, we set up a coffee time.

At my recent TedX Talk, I shared Sarah’s story to inspire the audience to take the time to help Millennial Leaders discover their Life’s Core Purpose.

What are you doing to get your Millennial sales leader aligned with how they are wired for success?

“What practical steps might I do with the Sarah’s in my life?” This was one of the questions I asked Jeff Pelletier, of Life’s Core Purpose when I interviewed him for my book, Millennials Matter

In his work with the Life’s Core Purpose concept, Jeff encourage people to discover that there is a way to live with intentionality to reach their goals and dreams.  Here are additional insights that I didn’t include in the Millennials Matter interview.

Our research indicates that Millennials place a very high value on finding and living their Life’s Core Purpose.” ~ Jeff Pelletier

Finding the Magic Balance

Business and sales leaders are constantly seeking fresh perspectives on how to manage Millennials in the workplace.

In my recent Forbes article, I’ve mentioned that employee disengagement is wreaking havoc on America’s corporate landscape. Only 33% of America’s employees are engaged at work. The other 67% are either passively checked out or actively working against the interests of their employers, costing employers millions in lost productivity, innovation and momentum. In contrast, we know that productivity skyrockets when we are doing things we’re good at and things we love.

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During our interview, Jeff told me how he, at age 24, was completely exhausted from working a 127-hour week. His life journey took him to even darker days. It was here that he discovered that God had much better plans in store for him.

“I decided that I would not be a victim of the circumstances I was experiencing and that I would seek to impact my circumstances.” ~ Jeff Pelletier 

Aligning our Core Competence and our Core Passion

Jeff explained that God formed your brain in a particular way, giving you a primary core cognitive skill called your Core Competence.

God has also placed in each of us an inner concern for the external world, called our Core Passion.

When we align these two, we find the key to a full and satisfying life.

3 Tips to Get Your Up-and-coming Salespeople Aligned

Based on the work that Jeff does through the Life’s Core Purpose concept, I found these recommendations helpful:

  1. “The reason work feels like something you HAVE to do, is because your work is disconnected from who you are.” 

Do this: Assist your emerging sales leader to discover their natural talents. There are numerous assessments and surveys that provide targeted insights so people get a better grasp on what his or her natu­ral gifts and talents might be. This information will assist you to identify whether or not they are operating in their sweet spot.

  1. “Encourage your Millennial sales leader to change their view from one of emotional poverty towards a horizon of what might be.” 

Do this: Provide opportunity, and encourage innovation. Your up-and-coming sales leader is seeking to fulfill his or her potential in life. Your coaching and mentoring might be the catalyst that propels them forward on their success journey. (For more insights on this topic, you can read my recent Forbes article.) It focuses on assisting business and sales leaders to get back in touch with their core purpose, articulate it compellingly, and show their next-gen leaders and salespeople just how vital they are to helping the company succeed.)

  1. “Many experienced leaders struggle to look beyond the prejudiced portrayal of Millennials. When we predetermine what we believe about someone, we create blind spots.” 

Do this:  Commit to being a boss who cares about your Millennial sales leader as an individual, not just a number, a trend or a problem. As you learn about their unique talents and strengths, you will be able to help them align their core competence with their core passion.

  • Start spotlighting their talents.
  • Coach them to identify and use their talents and core competencies to serve others.

Why? So that their talents are transformed into strengths that solve real-world problems. To learn more, you can read my Forbes article, Five Things Your Millennial Leader Needs from You.

What did I say to Sarah?

Sarah is smart, articulate, a hard worker with incredible integrity – really the ideal employee. Over her favorite cup of coffee, we were able to shine the light on her talents and her core competencies – those things that she does well all the time. We also talked about her core passions – those things that she cares about all the time.

As we spotlighted her talents and her core competencies and aligned them with her core passion, she started to get clarity about her Life’s Core Purpose! She was so re-energized that she asked her boss to re-interview!

Who spotlighted your gifts and talents? Who held out their hand to you as a coach, mentor, friend, or confidant? More importantly, who is the Sarah in your life that needs the light of your spotlight?

Use your wisdom and experience to facilitate your emerging sales leader’s journey to find their life’s core purpose and create a win-win scenario for them and your business. 

This article article featured in my September Newsletter.

Leadership Lesson: Grow your business and exceed your targets by spotlighting your emerging leader’s talents, competencies, and passion.

Leadership Question: How might you help your Millennial sales leader discover their core purpose and core passion?

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