5 Bold Predictions – How to Build Breakthrough Leadership Mindsets

5 Bold Predictions – How to Build Breakthrough Leadership Mindsets

As Christian leaders, we have not been shielded from the impact of the pandemic on our leadership strategies. As if the economic fallout and health hazards are not difficult enough to cope with, we’re seeing cultural chaos and conflict.

How might you respond to energize and equip the Millennials you lead to develop their leadership acumen for a changing world?

I recently saw this post on LinkedIn:

Every breakthrough starts with a break from the old and a break into the new. New opportunity, new you, new chapter. ~ Travis LeFever, President at Mission Mobile Medical Group Click To Tweet

The meme kicks off a robust discussion on the meaning of the word “break.” My friend and colleague, Paula Norbom, suggests we can –

  • take a break,
  • make a break,
  • break apart, or,
  • break away.

Great list! And, I add one more…

  • Breakthrough

And then, I’m thinking of a fighter jet, breaking the sound barrier! Have you ever heard the thunder-like sound of a sonic boom?

I believe that’s what we, as Christian leaders, need right now!

Many of the success strategies of the past may not yield the results we need for leading Millennials in the new conditions we’re facing.

We may need new strategies.

We definitely need a thunderous sonic-boom-breakthrough mindset to get us through the uncertain, murky skies of our New Normal.

5 Bold Predictions for a Post Covid-19 World

As the world begins to consider business after Covid-19, I am invited to deliver a virtual keynote. It’s for the Economic Times Sales Strategy Virtual Summit 2020 in India. Over 1200 industry leaders from different countries coming together to get fresh insight on navigating the New Normal.

The organizers assign me the keynote title: 5 Bold Predictions for a Post Covid-19 World.

Yikes! What BOLD predictions did I have for such an esteemed group of global leaders?!?

After my short panic, I realize that leaders have been asking me this same question for my entire career, “What do I need to do to get my team back on track?”

Yes, I knew they were searching for THE silver-bullet answer.

However, I usually answered their question with one of my own.

My favorite question.

A catalyst question.

A question that invites us to break with the old, creating new opportunities.

That’s what we all want, isn’t it? To see the world with new eyes that open up opportunities.

1 Powerful Question Creates Breakthrough Results

Within five minutes after Yikes! I had the outline for 5 Bold Predictions for a Post-Covid-19 World. My predictions and my recommendations are based on 5 Success Mindsets, rooted in my one favorite question, that yield breakthrough results.

In this series, I’ll show you how to leverage the Five Success Mindsets you need to lead your Millennial in this time of chaos.

Here’s the question, along with the related Success Mindsets: “What might I do to make a positive impact?”

As a Christian leader, what are the important questions you’re asking about navigating the challenges of a changed world? Maybe you’re concerned about having to lead in the midst of uncertainty, changing cultures, and chaos. That’s why the 5 Success Mindsets will assist you to create the sonic-boom breakthroughs you need to overcome your unique challenges.

Are you ready to energize and equip your Millennial leader to break through the barriers and get back on track to developing their leadership acumen? Stay tuned, as we dive into the first success mindset – A Future-Focused Mindset Creates a Breakthrough Growth Plan.

Your leadership matter greatly during these times.

Leadership Lesson:

Develop the success mindsets your Millennial leader needs to not only survive but thrive in the future.

Leadership Question:

What might you do to develop mindsets that will help the leader you’re coaching to break barriers in the New Normal?

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