A Sales Management Process to Motivate Your Next-Gen Salesperson – Video

A Sales Management Process to Motivate Your Next-Gen Salesperson – Video

How might you help your next-gen salesperson get that fire-in-the-belly motivation?

Check out this short Millennials Minute Video:

In my recent Millennial Sales Motivation eBook, I talked about one idea which is to help your salespeople, your salesperson, know what they want both personally and professionally.

I touch on three types of motivation extrinsic, intrinsic, altruistic, that’s helpful for us to know about them, as well as for them to know about themselves. In our sales audit process, we go even deeper and we find out some other intricacies of motivation for instance … Do they like to be micromanaged, or do they prefer self- management? How do they perform best when they’re thinking about how much they love to win or how much they hate to lose? And are they motivated by recognition or is the satisfaction of doing a good job enough? What kind of pressure do they need in order to perform at the best?

Those are some intricacies of motivation that is helpful for our millennial to know about themselves and it’s helpful for us to know about them so that we can help develop into their “best person”, who can deliver the results to achieve their goals.

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