How to Increase Sales through Face to Face Conversations – TEDx Talk Series

How to Increase Sales through Face to Face Conversations – TEDx Talk Series

Experienced leaders have vast amounts of knowledge, wisdom, and insight. As we are coaching and mentoring the emerging leader in our life, we are so excited and want to dump all of this on them as soon as possible. Therefore, we talk, and talk, and talk… Next, our emerging leader loses trust. Then, they disengage. Why? Trust is at its lowest when we talk 75 – 80 percent of the time, and listen only 20 – 25 percent of the time.

After watching my TedX Talk, I received this comment from Cindy: “This is a great reminder that small gestures, like asking questions and listening to what your next-gen leader says, can have a major impact on their lives.”


One of my sales managers at Xerox Corporation was Don. When I had a sales coaching meeting with Don I knew, I knew that I was the most important on the planet at that time. He set all the reports aside, all the papers, he zeroed in, he asked questions, he listened, he was intentional. I mattered. When was the last time you had a conversation like that?

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Danita Bye Tedx Talk
To learn more about the importance of great listening skills, watch the video of my Tedx Talk here. Please like, comment, and share it with others who are leading, coaching and mentoring emerging leaders.
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