How to Use this Exciting New Tool to Transform Your Sales Growth

How to Use this Exciting New Tool to Transform Your Sales Growth

“What do I have to do to become an elite salesperson?” asked the young Millennial salesperson at a recent sales development workshop I facilitated.

I immediately thought of this new, ground-breaking tool –  Sales DNA Modifier

In our research, we’ve found there are 10 common weaknesses that can wreck a salespersons effectiveness, regardless of how nice they are or what their resume looks like.

The Sales DNA Modifier will assist your emerging sales leaders and BDR’s to overcome these 10 common sales weaknesses that sabotage their performance. The course uses a tool I’ve recommended to clients for years, the  SalesMind program, to achieve breakthrough results in these areas:

    1. Overcoming the Need to be Liked – If your Millennial salesperson is unable to ask your prospects the tough questions, thinking they’ll upset them, this session will turn them from timid to tiger. Our data shows that 78% of the top 1% of salespeople don’t have this weakness, compared to only 6% of the bottom 5%.
    2. Overcoming the Tendency to Become Emotional – Being cool, calm, and collected is sometimes all your salespeople need to gain their prospect’s trust. Staying “in the moment” is the key. With this session, they will learn to respond, not react. Did you know that 59% of top salespeople are able to control their emotions? Compare this to the 10% at the other end of the spectrum!
    3. Overcoming Discomfort Talking about Money – Money is seldom the problem in getting the prospect to buy. So why is it a problem for your emerging salesperson? They need to learn to get over it and get on with it! The shocking fact is that only 2% of the bottom 5% of salespeople are able to comfortably discuss money matters with their prospects?
    4. Overcoming Low Money Tolerance – Top salespeople will tell you that thinking big is the key to earning big. 95% of them have high money tolerance. Big amounts are not big amounts to them! Get your emerging sales leader’s mind used to thinking in terms of big dollars and the big dollars will be theirs.
    5. Overcoming Low Self-Esteem – Poor sales performance can often be linked to low self-esteem. While it’s not realistic to feel enthusiastic ALL the time, it’s a problem if your salespeople aren’t feeling that way MOST of the time. They can reclaim their value as an achiever! 79% of the top 1% of salespeople – the elite salespeople – has supportive sales beliefs.  This means they are setting themselves up for success – not for failure.
    6. Overcoming Issues with Rejection – Is rejection wiping you out? Has constantly hearing “no” got you frozen in your own self-pity? Get back on the winning track immediately with this session. 95% of elite salespeople are rejection proof and will not be thrown off-track by the constant “no’s” of the sales world.
    7. Becoming More Goal Oriented – When your Millennial salespeople are clear with their goals it means they will be clear with the direction of their success. They can get out of the “just enough” syndrome and raise the bar! 100% of the top 1% of salespeople are goal oriented, compared to only 16% of the bottom 5%.
    8. Overcoming Call Reluctance – Your up-and-coming sales superstars can’t prospect effectively if they can’t get themselves to make the calls!  This session will keep their telephones humming.
    9. Developing a Closer Mentality – It takes guts to close the sales. Your salespeople’s prospects will not just say, “I’m ready to buy”. The best closers have the instinct for when and how to close. Now your sales team can have it too.
    10. Stop Making Excuses – “Prospects just aren’t buying in this economy.” “There’s too much competition out there.” Are you tired of hearing these and other excuses? Do you feel like telling your salespeople, “Stop blaming and start producing!” When we look at the stats, it’s interesting to note that 94% of top salespeople take responsibility for their performance and don’t make excuses. Conversely, only 20% of the bottom 1% of salespeople are able to do this.


These stats are based on the Objective Management Group’s evaluations, assessments, and data from nearly 1 million salespeople.

The Sales DNA Modifier includes:

      • An introduction to the issue
      • A powerful and proven self-hypnosis video
      • A downloadable audio affirmations file in MP3 format

The young Millennial’s question on how to become an elite salesperson inspired me to dive into some of the research on this topic. Thought it might be of interest to you also.


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Sales DNA Modifier
Get the Sales DNA Modifier to assist your emerging sales leaders and BDR’s to overcome 10 common sales weaknesses that sabotage their performance.

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