Smart Hiring Lifts Your Sales Results Higher Than Ever Before

Smart Hiring Lifts Your Sales Results Higher Than Ever Before

It was frustration to the max!  I watched dollar bills fly out the door as a slew of salespeople filed in and out of our young medical device company.

I realized we were doing something wrong. So, I started asking myself some a different set of questions:

  • What if we identified and hired productive Sales DNA—the kind that is profitable for all sales, in general?
  • Then, what if we identified and hired the Sales DNA needed  in our unique sales environment, in particular?

I adopted a Smart Hiring strategy. The candidates would have to be the right fit for our company, market, and pricing strategy, and our unique positioning. They might have been the star salesperson for our competitors, but that did not mean they could do the same for us.

In our new eBook, Millennial Sales Hiring, the 7-Step Process guides you through the recruiting, hiring, and fast-tracking of your high-performance Millennial Sales Team.

If your goal is to consistently win new accounts, grow revenue, and take market share, you must know which prospective candidate will succeed or fail before you hire them. Instead of a few people shouldering the burden of making your business profitable, Smart Hiring can get your whole sales team to lift results higher than ever before.

Millennial Sales Hiring
If you want to learn how to adopt a Smart Hiring strategy in your business, get the Millennial Sales Hiring eBook here.

Leadership Lesson: A star salesperson in one company might not be the right fit in your sales culture.

Leadership Question: How can you get every sales person on your team to lift your sales results higher than ever before?

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