May 6th CEO Roundtable: The Sales Fight of Your Business Life

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May 6th CEO Roundtable: The Sales Fight of Your Business Life

What is the top challenge that’s limiting your sales growth, where you’re feeling stuck?

This is the question we asked CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners at our last exclusive, online, private Roundtable entitled, The Sales Fight of Your Business Life.

Here are some of the concerns we heard:

– “Our world has become increasingly remote. How do I find salespeople who are tech-savvy, and know how to build meaningful relationships using digital sales tools?”

– “I’m in a growth phase, so I can’t afford beefy salaries, but I can afford a good commission.  For that to work, I need motivated salespeople who can take ownership of their results. How do I find them?”

– “How do I get the best bang for my buck, marketing-wise? I need to get the word out there about our new innovative solutions – and feel like I’ve been wasting time and money. How do I leverage technology to get this new solution kicked off?”

– “My salespeople are good at getting the easy-to-pick, low-hanging fruit. They need to have a strategic business conversation. It’s critical that they listen and determine which is the best long-term, business solution for the client. How do I get my sales teams unstuck?”

Whether you have 3 salespeople or 73 on multiple teams, you are invited to join these exclusive roundtable workshops…Online Private event.


CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners are discussing how to apply the proven Sales Growth Strategies that we have implemented with hundreds of clients across a wide range of business sectors over the past 28 years. Clients include: Experian, Siemens, Lawter Inks, The Flint Group, Skyline Exhibits.

CEO’s who want to learn:

  • How other CEOs, presidents, and company owners are getting their sales and marketing to work smoothly and efficiently to propel the growth and profitability of the business, even now!
  • How to recruit better salespeople.
  • Strategies to get sales reps in front of more C-Level prospects.

Or you can participate by simply observing or join in the Q&A and Roundtable portion of the workshop


Thursday, May 6th at 10 am CT

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Type of Companies Attending

Here is a sample of the types of companies that are participating in our high-level Roundtable/Strategy Workshops. Some of the sales challenges that we dealt with include:

Minneapolis, MN – Digital Marketing Company
Biggest Sales Challenge: Had aggressive growth plans to quadruple business – How to find and hire stronger salespeople

Minnetonka, MN – Application Engineering Company
Biggest Sales Challenge: Younger sales managers stymied and ineffective during COVID remote managing

Grand Rapids, MI – Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturer
Biggest Sales Challenge: Hiring salespeople to quickly penetrate new marketplaces in 12 – 18 months

**Biggest Sales Challenge: Selling virtually when COVID forbids meeting in person

Chicago, IL – High Tech Sales Training and Recruiting
Biggest Sales Challenge: Turning college graduates into effective salespeople in the first year

St Paul, MN – Packaging Manufacturer Company
Biggest Sales Challenge: Increasing growth in a flat industry with current sales staff


My co-host, Hunter Byington, and I have collaborated on many projects over the last 20 years. We look forward to learning more about the sales fight of your business life.

The Sales Fight of Your Business Life: CEO Roundtable

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Thursday, May 6, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM CST

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