One Question & Five Mindsets to Help Your Millennial Salespeople Thrive

One Question & Five Mindsets to Help Your Millennial Salespeople Thrive

Looking for a practical way to raise the bar of performance during this crisis?

I believe that one question can make all the difference in the world.

This one question has 5 words that spark engagement and will lift the spirits of every sales professional on your entire sales force. One question stimulates a shift from toxic, destructive thinking to healthy, productive thinking.

Start asking your team: “What might you do to achieve the desired results?”

Start equipping and empowering each member on your sales staff to ask themselves, “What might I do to achieve the desired results?”

One question strengthens five mindsets that will help your team thrive in these turbulent times. Each word is purposeful and power-packed.

What – Activate an Accountability Mindset

Accountable people have the emotional maturity and internal backbone to take responsibility for their own actions and choices. They don’t shift blame to external factors.

Recognize the Victim-Speak – Questions from your Millennials that start with “Who” or “Why” indicate that they’re in victim-mode. Consider responding with, “What might you do to start strengthening yourself, even while you are homebound and facing unprecedented difficulties?”

Might – Ignite Their Creative Solution Mindset

Might” is a power-packed word! It cunningly invites your Millennial salespeople to consider new possibilities, options, and connections instead of seeing a dead end.

Probe the Possibilities – Invite your Millennial to craft at least three possible solutions to a current problem he or she is facing. This is brainstorming time. By working with your Millennial, you’ll come up with brilliant options together.

I – Grow an Ownership Mindset

Leaders with an ownership mindset own their response to their circumstances.

Eliminate the Entitlement Mindset – Does your Millennial expect others (you) to come up with solutions on their behalf? An entitlement mindset limits their ability to use their gifts, talents, and strengths, and it robs them of their brilliance.

Do – Adopt an Action Mindset

An action mindset moves from talking to doing.

Stretch their Comfort Zone – During this difficult time, we all need to expand our communication, sales, and leadership capacity. How do we do that? By stretching! Ask daily, “What did you do to stretch your comfort zone?”  Or, “What did you do that made your voice quiver, your heart race, and your armpits sweat?”  Reward them with an elbow bump and words of encouragement.

To Achieve the Desired Outcome – Switch on a Results Mindset

Those with a results mindset know how to set and reach their goals.

Identify their Goals – During this chaotic time, your Millennial might need guidance. In my eBook, Energize your Dreams, I describe the action steps needed to help them identify what they want, and how to go after those goals. If you’d like to copy of this workbook, eMail me directly at

Yes, COVID-19 is dramatically altering how we, and our Millennials, live and work. With your guidance, they can overcome the challenges they face. What are the mindsets that you will nurture in your future leaders to assist them to thrive in the midst of the turbulence?

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Leadership Question: How might you assist your Millennial during this crisis to stay positive and see a bright future, despite growing evidence to the contrary?

Leadership Lesson: Millennials who develop a positive mindset learn more and think creatively.

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