Raise Performance Bar With Your Virtual Millennial Sales Team…Even During the Crisis (3 Videos)

Raise Performance Bar With Your Virtual Millennial Sales Team…Even During the Crisis (3 Videos)

We know – viruses spread quickly.

So does the leadership vibe and energy you bring to the workplace. Research tells us that the emotional vibe of the leader spreads with lightning speed throughout the entire team and company within seconds of them entering the building.

What happens when leading a remote team?

I submit that the transmission is the same – lighting quick! With your first email, phone call, video call or social media post, your leadership mindset is being revealed.

Thus, especially now, we need to be overly diligent to actively counter our negative vibes. We need to ensure that we are spreading a message of hope and positivity – even if we are doing it remotely. Especially when we are remote!

In the midst of the chaos and uncertainty, how might you spread positive “sales performance management” vibes proactively? How might you stimulate innovation and creativity in your millennial salespeople? How might you increase engagement, so they are even more motivated?

First, attend our Millennial Sales Growth webinar, starting April 9th at 10 AM Central.

Next, here are three ideas to stimulate your creativity as you motivate and coach your virtual Millennial salespeople….and raise the bar on their performance.

Video 1: Yes, you CAN Achieve Superior Sales Growth Through Coaching Millennials 

79 % of Millennials say they are looking for a coach or a mentor, not a boss. Which are you? What’s the difference?

Learn how to coach your virtual Millennial sales team during this challenging time. We get amazing performance when people are brave and confident, and energized to test out new ways and new ideas of doing things. We, as well as our emerging leaders, are going to have to make many shifts! So, don’t delay, start today.

Video 2: To Motivate Millennials, you need big Stretchy Ears

Did you know that research says: 30% of employees are engaged and love their job? That’s what we like. 16% are actively disengaged, meaning they’re miserable and destroying what you’re building. And then, 51% are just not engaged, they’re just there, punching the clock.

Learn how big, stretchy ears can assist you to motivate your millennial salespeople to bring both their body and their brains, their gifts, and their talents to their work.

Video 3: Accountability in Millennial Leadership is not Negotiable

Have you also heard “the dog ate my homework excuse” from your Millennial salespeople? So, maybe they’re not really blaming the dog, but there’s a myriad of other excuses…

the slow marketing department, the mishaps in production, the economy, the marketplace, the tough competitors. They may even be complaining about you and your own leadership.

In the coming months, and even years, we will need salespeople who won’t allow the blame-game virus to spread and sap them from using their brilliance to come up with new ways to accomplish the task and achieve their goals.

Learn how to spot AND stop the excuse-making virus in your enterprise, and raise the performance of your Millennial salespeople.

Need more inspiration and insights?

The Millennial Sales Growth Webinar
Check out The Sales Growth Webinar Series where my co-host, Hunter Byington, and I discuss how to motivate, coach, and raise the performance bar for the Next-Gen Leaders on your teams. Get all the details here.

Leadership Lesson: Use your leadership experience to spread positivity and hope as you’re coaching, motivating, and raising the bar for your millennial salespeople. 

Leadership Question: How might you adapt your leadership strategies to coach and motivate your team during this chaotic time?

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