How to Find a Good Sales Rep by Using the Top Sales Assessment Tool

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How to Find a Good Sales Rep by Using the Top Sales Assessment Tool

I’m a longstanding partner of Objective Management Group. Naturally, I was thrilled to receive the news that OMG was named Top Sales Assessment Tool by Top Sales World for the 8th consecutive year! The annual Top Sales Awards has established itself as an eagerly anticipated event in the world of sales.

As a sales growth specialist, OMG’s world-class sales assessments are an integral part of my strategy to help my clients improve their sales results.

Their effective assessments will:

  • provide crucial insights to maximize the sales performance in companies of all sizes and from all industries;
  • help you grow your sales, profits and market share;
  • evaluate your salespeople, strategies, and systems;
  • tell you whether your people can actually execute the company’s strategies, meet your expectations and, most importantly, belong in the roles they are in;
  • guide you to discover what you need to do in order to coach and mentor your salespeople to achieve their full potential.

OMG’s accuracy is legendary.  Here’s an example of two of the most important numbers they have researched:

  • 75% – percentage of candidates that were hired against their recommendations, who failed in their first 6 months
  • 92% – percentage of candidates they recommended that were hired and rose to the top half of their sales forces within 12 months

Take a look at the Sales Candidate Assessment by taking a free trial.

To calculate the cost of your hiring mistakes, visit my Sales Talent Aquisition page.

I’m a firm believer of the don’t –fix-what-aint-broke school of thought.  Why waste time and money on what’s already working?  You want to know what you need to do to fix the hidden weaknesses that are stalling your sales growth and keeping you from going from good to great. If you haven’t done so already, I firmly recommend using OMG’s assessments to improve your sales results.

Objective Management Group
How effective is your current sales effort? Answer just 22 questions (it’ll take less than 5 minutes) and this Objective Management Group tool will provide you with an instant score on the relative effectiveness of your sales force.

Leadership Lesson:  Effective assessments provide accurate insights to grow your sales, profit, and market share. 

Leadership Question: How might an assessment of your sales force help you improve your sales results?

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