4 Strategies to Strengthen your Sales Leadership

4 Strategies to Strengthen your Sales Leadership

In preparing for an upcoming sales leadership webinar, I searched my computer for a specific document that I KNEW was somewhere in these old files.

Searching, searching, searching.

No success.

You’ve done that also, haven’t you?

However, I found something better – a series of videos I recorded a number of years ago – “The Boardroom Series.”

The content of these short videos was based on the experiences I’ve had in working with CEOs, business owners, and sales leaders to get their sales force back on the growth track.

I started viewing the videos one after the other. Before long, I had completely forgotten about preparing for my upcoming webinar.

Then I realized, these insights are still valid today!

Here are the four videos I’ll be highlighting in the next 30 days:

  • How Capable Are Your Salespeople….Really?
  • How to Implement a Strategic Sales Management Process
  • How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Reap the Benefits
  • The Secret to Fixing the Sales Coaching Problem

FYI: here are some of the top tips I’ll discuss:

  • Know what’s really going on in your sales effort. Seek accurate and timely insights into every area of your sales process.
  • Get clarity and confidence in what’s really going on. With this, you can chart a strategic course to exceed your sales targets.
  • Give yourself the competitive advantage. Shorten your selling cycle.
  • Fix the root problem. Don’t waste time and money on bandaids. Thoroughly data-driven insights on your sales systems, processes, skills, and staff.

If you are ready to learn more about streamlining and optimizing your sales process, I invite you to stay tuned. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing four strategies that fuel a sales growth culture that drives new business, increases margins and grows market share. Or, if it’s an emergency, call me today at 612-267-3320 or eMail me at Danita@DanitaBye.com

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