How Capable are Your Salespeople to Ensure Sales Growth?

How Capable are Your Salespeople to Ensure Sales Growth?

Jack had a problem. His salespeople were frustrated with their sales results and started lowering prices. Jack was playing a guessing game on how to fix this. Sounds familiar?

What he needed to do was to get accurate and timely insights into his sales growth systems, processes, staff, and skills to determine what’s really going on.


Here’s Jack’s problem: His company barely made it through the economic crisis, losing about 35% of its revenue. In recent years, they regained almost 20% of what was lost. Now, they’re sold out. Their salespeople are frustrated; they started lowering prices to try and grow sales.

Jack’s tired – how can he fix this sales problem? For Jack to pull out of this quickly, he needs precise and accurate insights to discover the red issues. Then he needs a strategically surgical plan to get back on track.

Here’s some examples of questions he needs answers for:

  • Do the salespeople even have a plan for getting new business, or are they strictly relying on existing relationships to generate new sales?
  • How effectively are they qualifying, or are they wasting time on proposals that will never close. 80% Of salespeople we assess don’t know how to fully qualify an account – 80%!
  • And are they selling consultatively or are they doing what over 75% of salespeople do too much: Talk about how great their product and service is.

Here’s my recommendation: Stop guessing. Get accurate and timely insights into your sales systems, processes, staff and skills to determine what’s really going on.

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