How to Restructure your Sales Processes to Improve your Bottom Line Results

How to Restructure your Sales Processes to Improve your Bottom Line Results

How strong are your sales management processes? To harness the skills and talents of a new generation of sales leaders, you need strong, robust sales management.

What might you do to restructure and strengthen your sales management processes and boost your sales results?

In my recent Forbes article, How to Fix Disappointing Sales Results Through Restructuring, and the previous three articles in this series, I focus on three areas of restructuring a sales force:

  • Clarifying your sales strategies,
  • Aligning your sales talent to your sales strategies, and,
  • Building healthy sales mindsets.

Start reading the series here.

Let’s shift to focusing on four sales management processes: accountability, motivation, recruiting, and coaching.

Build a strong Accountability culture:

Our research shows that 60% of all salespeople have weak responsibility. They struggle to take ownership of their actions and the consequences that flow from their choices. They might come up with excuses or find an external source to blame for their lack of performance.

In my eBook, Millennial Sales Accountability, I discuss three coaching actions to strengthen the accountability mindset of your emerging sales team:

  • Transform blame into accountability.
  • Convert excuses into empowerment.
  • Measure progress with on-going feedback.

To learn more about using these steps to build a strong accountability culture in your business, get the eBook here.

Develop goals to boost Motivation:

As a sales coach, you can create a motivational culture that will drive your emerging sales leader’s growth journey. Guide them to align their dreams and goals to the company’s vision, mission, values, and goals.

My new eBook, Millennial Sales Motivation, has practical tips on:

  • Guiding your salespeople to identify what they want, personally and professionally.
  • Using resources, such as the S.M.A.R.T. Goal coaching strategy. It focuses their long-term aspirations and aligns them with the company’s goals.
  • Coaching them to go after those personal goals. This now will also include going after company goals.

Save time and money by Recruiting right, the first time:

Restructuring your recruitment processes can save you heaps of money. Hiring managers often make the same costly mistake. According to numerous workforce studies, interviews lead to almost 90 percent of hiring decisions but are only 14 percent accurate in predicting success.

If you need guidance to restructure your sales hiring processes, I recommend my book, Millennial Sales Hiring.  It will guide you through a 7-Step Process to recruit, hire, and fast-track your high-performance Millennial Sales Team. You will learn about our Sales Gene process. It works because it takes an insight-based, rather than, she-really-seems-like-a-nice-person approach to sales talent acquisition.

Coaching and Mentoring:

If coaching and mentoring is not a defined process in your business, you are losing significant revenue. Current research found that:

  • Millennials welcome growth opportunities.
  • They want intentional career development that is tied to their vision of success.
  • Emerging leaders want mentoring so they grow their capacities and develop skills for their future. 

To learn more about how effective coaching can lift your up-and-coming sales leader from mediocrity to superiority, get my Sales Coaching eBook here.

Get started on restructuring your sales processes today to ensure that your emerging salespeople and BDR’s are maximizing every sales opportunity.

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Leadership Lesson:  Restructure your sales processes to improve your bottom line today.

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