Is Your Millennial Leadership Taking Ownership of their Sales Results?

Is Your Millennial Leadership Taking Ownership of their Sales Results?

60% of sales professionals are affected by the virus. Ugh!

Accountability, responsibility, and ownership are crucial elements needed for vibrant business growth. However, CEO’s and business leaders tell me they see an alarming trend. Many of their emerging BDRs and salespeople seem to be infected with the blame-game, finger-pointing virus.

What do you see when you analyze your sales professionals’ performance?

Well, I’m never surprised when I hear these complaints. Year over year, our research shows that 60% of sales professionals have this weakness in their Sales DNA – playing the blame game and pointing fingers at others when they aren’t getting the desired results. However, the excuses seem to come from the same virus strain – the competition’s too tough; the market’s too weak; the market’s too strong; marketing is off track; production is messing up…the list goes on and on and on. Don’t you get sick of hearing this?

How many times have you tried the same coaching strategies with little or no results? In my latest Forbes article, I share fresh practical action steps you can take to develop accountability in your up-and-coming salespeople.

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Leadership Lesson:  If your aim is to grow sales, crack new accounts, and tap new markets, you need accountable millennial sales leaders, who don’t have the virus.

Leadership Question: How can you help your emerging sales superstars to overcome their accountability challenges and get rid of the blame-game virus?

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